AKDY Free Stand Acrylic Bathtub and Faucet

I know what you are thinking. Another review for yet another bathtub, like a million others. This is where you are wrong. This is not just any review but this is about the best bathtub review.

If you want complete services when purchasing your brand-new bathtub, this is for you. Not only that it has been designed for every taste, but it combines the next-gen fabrication techniques with a smooth design touch that will literally change your bathroom completely.


Tapping Into The Specifics

The AKDY Acrylic Bathtub has features that make it rank high on the list of the most effective and appealing bathtubs you can purchase. The main features are:

  • Can hold 97 gallons of water
  • It has a modern, simple, yet absolutely gorgeously refined design
  • The material composition is acrylic, greatly influencing the overall durability and the strength of the piece
  • It possesses adjustable metal feet, aiding in stabilizing the bathtub.
  • It comes with a brass faucet, polished with chrome, a hose, a shower want and a complete accessory set
  • The material is porous at the surface, allowing for a more effective cleaning after usage.
  • The white color is extremely resilient, meaning that it will not lose its strength in time.
  • Deep enough to offer you an unparalleled bathing experience
  • It has room for 2


How Do We Define the AKDY Acrylic Bathtub Experience?

There is one word for it: innovation. And innovation is what makes the difference between the AKDY Acrylic Bathtub and other products belonging to the same category.

So now that we have gone through the standard features, let’s have a look at how user-friendly it is. In other words, let’s look at all the improvements that will make your life so much easier and interesting, versus what this piece is lacking and could have improved on.

All The Pros:

Room For Two

Gone are the days when you and your partner were taking turns at bathing. Now you can share the experience, by cuddling inside the AKDY Acrylic Bathtub with no problem. Thanks to the 23” in height, the 33.46” in width and the 66.93” in length, you will have all the room you need and then some.

This is quite a welcoming feature, because a lot of bathtubs, even among the modern models, lack the necessary space to make the bathing a duo experience. Fortunately, AKDY Acrylic Bathtub solves that and it is probably one of its crucial features.

The Design Is STU-NING

I have rarely said this about too many pieces, but, in this case, the simplistic design of the AKDYAcrylic Bathtub delivers an absolutely gorgeous visual punch. It fits perfectly in a modern bathroom setting.

Although it may seem like, for some, the design is not as important, the atmosphere it builds is definitely a plus, which is why it is so important to get it right the first time.

It Comes With A Complete Installation Kit

This is also a major plus in my book. There is no need for a plumber to do the work for you. You will save a lot of money by being able to install the bathtub yourself. However, if you would like to have someone else do the job for you, the option to call the professionals is made available as well.

The AKDY Acrylic Bathtub Is Made To Last

Just as with any other piece belonging to the same manufacturer, AKDYAcrylic Bathtub is defined by quality. This means that:

  • The surface layer has anti bacterial properties
  • The special color does not peel in time and will not fade
  • It has been designed in accordance with the
  • highest ASME code standards
  • The steel feet are resilient and durable
  • The seamless tub body joints are innovative and safer

You Get Warranty For The Parts Also

It is not only the AKDYAcrylic Bathtub that has a warranty, but also its composing parts, like the faucet.

All The Cons:

  • It could have had a longer warranty. Since it is only one year for the parts, it does not seem quite enough.
  • Other than this, I doubt anyone could find any other minuses. It is an overall solid, visually appealing and advanced bathtub, outweighing a lot of other models that fall into the same category.


Is This Bathtub For You?

It does not matter who you are, whether you are thin, fat, tall or muscular, this piece is definitely for you. There are few other bathtubs that come with as many benefits as this one and that can provide such a well-established balance between looks, price and effectiveness.

The AKDYAcrylic Bathtub is not only made for single persons, but also for couples. And this is actually a big plus, because the AKDY Acrylic Bathtub, as well as other similar models, are being usually purchased by families. Or couples.


What Are The Major Differences Between AKDY Acrylic Bathtub And Other Models?

Well, that should be pretty easy:

  • With 66.93” in length, the AKDY Acrylic Bathtub is longer than a lot of models.
  • It is wider and deeper than most, allowing for 2 persons to bathe simultaneously.
  • It comes with a faucet and a full installation kit, allowing you to install the bathtub on your own. Not all come with that feature.


Finally, Is It Worth A Buy?

Yes, it definitely does. It is all about what it can deliver for the price range it falls in and, taking that into consideration, it totally does worth it. It is generally hard to find a piece that fulfills all of your needs and expectations, and this is the difference between AKDYAcrylic Bathtub and any other model – AKDYAcrylic Bathtub actually delivers.

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