American Standard Diverter Tub Spout: Model- 8888.026.002

I know what you are thinking right now. Come on, a faucet? Why would I need the best bathtub faucet?

Yet people don’t seem to realize that a faucet is not a part of your home that can be overlooked. Because it is such a small part of a home and it usually comes very cheap, most homeowners live under the impression that having it to break from time to time is not such a big deal.

I mean, it breaks and you buy another one. They are easy to come-by and not such a trauma for your checkbook. Yet it is the quality that makes the difference and it is just as important for faucets as it is for any other major and important item.


Main Features of the Tub Spout

What does the American Standard 8888.026.002 bring new to the table?

Durable construction

The material is brass, polished with chrome, which means that, aside from the high durability and strength, it also comes with an impressive visual touch.

Being of American manufacturing, it guarantees the quality of its construction, meaning that you won’t have to worry about having to change it too soon.

Fast installation

It had to be a crucial feature. All American made faucets are easy to install, which means you will not need the aid of a plumber to do the job for you.

Most of the other faucets need a tool-handy person to cope with the installation. All you need for American Standard 8888.026.002 is a screwdriver and you are good to go. No advanced installation knowledge required.

Genuine style

The unmistakable American style is more obvious with this product more than in any other case. The chrome polished brass does a very good job in enhancing the minimalistic design and gives you that genuine feel of Uncle Sam’s work factory.


The Pros & Cons

So here are the most important pros and cons that the majority of the users have agreed on:


The easy installation

Everybody loved this one, especially the inexperienced individuals, both men and women. American Standard 8888.026.002 is so easy to install that even a child can do it.

The smooth design

For those who think that a visually rich design is inherently better than a minimalistic one, you are wrong. Actually, a minimalistic and well-polished design can fit well in a lot more different settings, whereas the other one is more dependent on the style of the environment.

It is a lot more durable than other models

Obviously, this is a feature that has been tested by a lot of those who have purchased the American Standard 8888.026.002 and it lived up to the expectations.

The varying size of the copper pipe connection

Other manufacturers do not offer this feature, which generally causes a lot of problems to those who do not pay attention when purchasing the product. American Standard 8888.026.002 comes with a 5 to 8-inch copper pipe connection, enough to satisfy even more needs than any other similar product.


It does not come well on a plastic bushing –I believe this is probably the only downside of the American Standard 8888.026.002. The problem, as noted by some users, is that the American Standard 8888.026.002’s diverter slide performs poorly on a plastic bushing.


So is this Worth a Buy?

It definitely is. I personally believe that disregarding the importance of faucets is completely unjustified. And then, when they encounter enough problems over time, with their faucets, they end up realizing how important they actually are.

The American Standard Diverter Tub Spout comes as a pretty good alternative to all those faucets that have failed you shortly after purchase.

The crucial aspect here is that American Standard 8888.026.002 is American made, which vouches for its quality and durability and it stands as a proof of the undisputed superiority of the American market.

Ethan has been working on the 'Home Renovation' niche for the last decade. He always admires the minimalist design and architectural efficiency. A father of two and an awesome writer.

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