Ana Bath Anti-Clog Spray Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo

A nice warm shower is always a welcome respite after a long day. It provides relief to your aching muscles and tired body, quickly easing your tension away. However, did you know that you can further enhance your experience by using a dual showering system?

The Ana Bath handheld showerhead combo gives you that experience. It is one of the best dual shower heads on the market today. It has a lot of features that intensify your every shower experience. They are as follows:



Dual Head Shower System

The Ana Bath showerhead combo is a multi-functional combo shower system. It allows you better control of the water flow and pressure as you shower. Furthermore, you can use these showerheads separately or simultaneously depending on your need and preference. You can also move them vertically (either up or down) to your preferred angle.

5 Showerhead Settings

You can switch between 5 settings for your showering pleasure. These spray settings include saturating, bubbling, massage, saturating and bubbling, and saturating and massage. You can use one setting for the main showerhead and another one for the handheld shower.

Furthermore, you do not have to limit yourself by choosing just two settings. You can switch to as many settings as you want for the whole duration of your shower.

Wide 5-inch Showerheads

The 5-inch showerheads give better coverage than what you usually get from other showerheads. This diameter allows the water to spray simultaneously and consistently on a wider area of your body. Thus, it gives you that soothing, revitalizing, and spa-like experience.

Anti-Clog Nozzle Spray

The anti-clog design allows you to remove calcium and other mineral deposits easily with just a push of the nozzles. It also easily ejects any dirt or particle trapped inside the showerheads.

Handheld Use and Mobility

The shower system provides you with flexibility and mobility. The handheld shower enables you to spray water directly to any part of your body. It allows you to thoroughly wash and rinse yourself without much difficulty.

Easy to Clean

These showerheads are also easy to clean. You can wipe them with a soft cloth or give them a vinegar soak. To do this, put vinegar in a plastic/Ziploc bag. Attach it to your showerhead with a tape or rubber band and let it soak for two hours. Rinse this after by running hot water from the shower. Another way of cleaning the showerheads is by removing them and soaking them overnight in vinegar.

Easy to Install

Installing the showerhead combo is easy. There is no need to use tools or hire a professional plumber. The shower system effortlessly fits into any standard shower head arm. The product also comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide with diagrams.



  • Provides a consistent blast of water in every direction
  • Conserves water
  • Both shower heads provide wider spray coverage
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Very good customer service and after-sales support


  • Sometimes, the pressure drops when both shower heads are used.
  • Water flow intensity is affected by the water pressure from the source


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have high water pressure from both showerheads?

A: Yes, you can have high water pressure from both heads when using them individually or combined. If you wish to have a higher water pressure, you just have to remove the flow restrictors.

Q: What are the flow rates of the showerheads?

A: The flow rates of the showerheads are 2.35 gpm/8.88 lpm @ 80 psi for the main showerhead and 2.31 gpm/873 lpm @ 80 psi for the handheld.

Q: What do I use to remove the restrictor?

A: You can use a Q-tip to remove the restrictor. You can also manually pull out the restrictor from the handheld showerhead.

Q: Why do I hear a rattling sound when I turn it on?

A: The rattling sound is actually not a defect. In fact, it comes from the rotary that is inside the shower to generate the massage spray.

Q: What water filter can I use with this showerhead?

A: Any filter would work if it is equipped with the industry standard G ½” thread.


Final Verdict

There is more to a shower than just cleaning yourself. It is also a means of soothing and rejuvenating your tired and aching body. Installing a good showerhead system actually enhances this experience. More so if it allows you to use two showerheads simultaneously.

What are you waiting for? Pamper yourself and get this excellent showerhead combo from Ana Bath now!

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