Best Bathtub: Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

I still can’t forget those 2 months after I decided to purchase a bathtub for my bathroom. Starting from design, materials, budget to style & brands I just literally ran here and there to find the perfect fit for my bathroom.

After my ‘not so pleasant’ experience I want to make it easier for people who have decided to install a bathtub in the bathroom. So get prepared to enjoy your bath and forget all other hassles.

Keep in mind that you need to pay extra attention while shopping for a bathtub to avoid unsolicited issues during remodeling or changing the appearance of your bathroom.

Well, I have furnished this bathtub reviews with some finest tubs which are not selected randomly. Consumers who have fascinations and years of experience with bathtubs gave their maximum votes in these ballots. I have summarized to you the best parts and the worst parts of these tubs along with other features.


 Best Bathtubs: Reviewed By An Expert

1. American Standard Cambridge 2461.002.020 – Bath Tub with Right Hand Drain

Innovative proBath Tub with Right Hand Drainducts always gain popularity when quality production is ensured. This is the very reason American Standard holds its place at the apex for more than a century in the bathtub niche.

The front facing part of the tub is already finished and it is designed for easy installation to save your time, effort and beloved wallet.


  • Built with Americast Material.
  • Able to retain heat and absorb sound.
  • Right hand outlet with round overflow.
  • Full slip resistant bottom.
  • Integral apron in front side.

Why You Will Love It:

Amazing Americast: Americast is the specialty of American Standard bathtubs because of its three layer construction which makes it more durable and lighter than the traditional Iron Tubs. The three layers are:

  • Chinaware enamel
  • Top quality alloy
  • Injection-molded structural composite

Lumber Support: You are going to like its comfortable single sided integral lumber supportive contour.

Painless Installation: Easy and quicker installation system and tile flange for the 3 wall sides will help your plumber to make his task easier.

Fit for all:

  • The dimension (32 x 60 x 17.75) of the bathtub is above average which will fit for all.
  • Its slip-resistant facility will free you from extra hassle with unsanitary mats.
  • Compliance with ADA i.e Americans with Disabilities Act.


  • Tall people may need to do some adjustments but perfect for the people with average height.


2. American Standard 2764014M202.011 – Best Freestanding Tub

Best Freestanding TubThis American Standard acrylic freestanding bathtub is the new addition in their Cadet Suite series. Practicality and Functions are the two features of Cadet Tubs.

No matter whether your bathroom has classic or modern look, it will fit. Besides, you have to take minimum hassle during installation because of its freestanding nature.


  • Freestanding soaking bathtub with tub filler, handy spray   and drain.
  • High-gloss acrylic with fiberglass support.
  • Smooth modern styling with extra-deep bathing facility.
  • Wide accessories storage surface.
  • Pre-leveled bottom.

Why You Will Love It:

Exclusive Overflow System: Its overflow system is amazing. The drain is placed higher than the bathing well and allow the water reach into the deep of the tub.

Comfort & Bliss: Deep soak allows full body plunge to witness you a comfortable and blissful bath.

Modern Look: Its contemporary look and stylish design will add extra value to your new or remodeled bathroom.

Fit for Tall: Due to its deep soaking nature and perfect length, your arms, legs and other body parts will enjoy the flexibility even if you are a tall person.


  • Because of the fiberglass the edges are little rough.


3. American Standard 2422V002.011 – Evolution Best Deep Soaking Tub

Evolution Best Deep Soaking TubThis tub is even deeper to provide you greater relaxation. It will be more suitable with the casual bathroom look. Like the Cadet Tub this pool is also made from fiberglass reinforced acrylic which gives it extra strength.

In addition, backrest and dual armrest make this best bathtub more comfortable. Deep soak max drain allows your full body submergence.


  • ‘Max drain’ increases the water depth compared to traditional bathtubs.
  • Full slip resistant tub bottom.
  • Dual integrated armrest and backrest.
  • Fiberglass reinforced acrylic with under mount option.
  • Pre-leveled bathtub bottom.

Why You Will Love It:

Max Drain: Do not forget to order deep soak max drain. This feature will allow you to sink 3 inch deeper into the bathtub.8

Mranite Surround: The tub is under mounted with granite surround which makes it more beautiful.

Construction & Design: You are going to love its sturdy construction and attractive design. Besides, this good quality tub is easy to maintain.

Easy to Clean: You can clean it easily with microfiber towel. The bathtub will remain in shape over the years.



4. KOHLER K-715-0 – Villager Left-Hand Drain Tub

Villager Left-Hand Drain TubThis is the top bathtub among the KOHLER bathtubs which is manufactured in United States. Functional design and stylishness have made it exceptional from the others.

The tub is made with enameled iron cast which will remain durable and reliable over the years. It is easy to install due to its integral apron.


  • Integral apron for rapid installation
  • Left-handed drain
  • Enameled iron cast which is durable and reliable
  • Suitable for one person bathing
  • ADA Compliant

Why You Will Love It:

Quick Installation: Your plumber will love its integral apron which in turn eases his efforts during installation. Integral apron means a removal apron bolts onto the tub to fit with the side of the tub exposed.

Durable Iron cast: The main material of the tub is enameled cast iron which is durable and remains beautiful for years. Enameled cast iron is the specialty of KOHLER tubs for beauty and strength.

Slip-resistant Surface: The tub contains slip-resistant surface for your safeguard to have a safe & secure shower.

Perfect for kids & Pets: This is not a very deep soaking bathtub which will be more convenient for your kids and pets.


  • Slip-resistant surface needs extra care to clean soap scum and dirt.


5. AKDY – Best Acrylic Bathtub and Faucet

Best Acrylic Bathtub and FaucetAKDY freestanding bathtub will fit in any modern bathroom with its impressive design and durable material. It is easy to install as you will get all the parts required during installation with the tub.

This soaking tub is extra deep for full body immersion with its chrome plated drain placed in the center.


  • Made with Acrylic material
  • The faucet is included with the tub
  • All necessary fitting parts for installation are also included with tub
  • Nature of tub is freestanding
  • Drain is placed in the center of the tub

Why You Will Love it:

Modern Design: The beautiful design will fit perfectly with your modern decorative bathroom. It has a striking visual appeal with adjustable metal feet for stability. Use of cutting edge technology in body joints makes it sleeker.

Best Raw Materials: It is strong and durable because of its premium quality acrylic material. Its high gloss white finish and anti-bacterial surface made it more comfortable than steel tubs.

Extra Soaking: The bathtub has extra soaking ability for full body absorption. Its extra deep nature will allow for two persons bathing at the same time. Isn’t it cool for couples?

Easy Installation: Your plumber will like its easy installation process. Most importantly, with the tub, you will get all the parts needed for installation.


  • Does not have any overflow drain.


How to Install a Bathtub

Experts say a good looking bathroom increases the beauty of your home by manifolds. Installing a new tub may sound like an arduous task as you will have to work with a large & heavy object in a small space.

However, we are here to help you in installing the bathtubs through these comprehensive step-by-step instructions.

Collect Information

At first design your bathroom in a way so that you easily install a bathtub. You need to allocate enough space in the bathroom if you want to have the luxury of a bathtub. Bathtubs usually have two draining options like right-hand drain and left-hand drain. You will have to design the drainage system as per the drainage option of the bathtub.

Some people tend to match the bathtub color with the bathroom tiles color which is actually a good idea because it enhances the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Install the Piping

You can definitely use the existing drain & waste vent system but bathtub requires at least 2 sets of pipes. The first set includes the hot & cold water line and the second set is the pipe that leads to the shower head. If you do not have an old bathtub you should install the piping first.

However, if you have an old bathtub there are some additional works.

  • Remove the stopper assembly and unscrew the bathtub drain.
  • Before disconnecting the supply lines you need to remove the tub spout.
  • Take a reciprocating saw and cut the old tub into more convenient pieces for disposal.

Position the New Tub

The important thing to look at this point is to make sure that the continuous flange of the tub fits properly against the wall studs. Use screws or nails to anchor the tub into the enclosure. Don’t forget to check framing support of the building before installation as the bathtub becomes extremely heavy when filled with water.

Connect the plumbing

Now you should connect the supply lines to the new tub. If you are thinking about updating the valves for many days, this is the perfect time to do it. Same goes for the tub spout as well. After cleaning those you can install a new shower-head as per your choice like messaging shower-heads or rainfall shower-heads etc.

Use a small amount of plumber’s putty beneath the drain and place it tightly against the tub. Before proceeding further, you may conduct a rough plumbing inspection at this point.

Restore the Surround

During the installation, your bathroom wall will be damaged. As a base for your wall covering, you can use the moisture-resistant drywall. In order to seal the joints between the wall and the new tub, silicone caulk is a good option which will prevent water seepage as well. Ceramic tiles or natural stone tiles will give your bathroom a unique look.

Prevent Future Leaks

After a year or so if you want to replace the shower head, don’t forget to clean the pipe threads. Use PTFE tape or other pipe joint materials to prevent future leaks.


How to Remove Stains from Bathtub

How to Remove Stains from Bathtub

You probably heard some techniques for removing stubborn stains from the bathtub like-

“The harder you scrub, the cleaner the tub”
“Bathtub cleaners are all same; you can apply any of these on any bathtub”

Well, guess what, these are all misconceptions! The fact is, there are different types of bathtubs and based on the bathtub materials, cleaning procedures are different as well. Before we dive in let’s talk about a couple of general aspects.

Believe it or not, a stained bathtub can still be a clean bathtub. However, the visual of such a tub distort your rational knowledge of cleanliness. That’s why you should be extra careful to keep your best bathtubs stain free.

The second point which is also more important is the cleaning product you choose. It should match perfectly with the type of material your tub consists.

As a bathtub user, you probably know that there are most commonly three types of bathtub materials Enameled Metal, Porcelain and Acrylic. Now, let’s find out some effective ways to remove your bathtub stain from each type.

Remove Stain from Porcelain Tubs

Porcelain tubs are really heavy so you won’t see them too much these days. Sometimes you might get confused between enamel and porcelain bathtub as they look similar in naked eyes.

But, there is a TRICK to distinguish them easily.

Enamel tubs use cast iron or steel during the manufacturing process. Their porcelain counterparts don’t have these things in composition. Yes, you get it right! A small piece of magnet is good enough for you. If the magnet sticks it is enamel if it doesn’t it is porcelain.

Usually, porcelain tubs can tolerate more harsh cleaning agents compared to acrylic and enamel bathtubs. But that doesn’t provide you the flexibility to use whatever you want. As a regular stain removal, dish-washing liquid works fine so as the dish soap, vinegar, & cornstarch.

Remove stain from Enamel Tubs

Enamel tubs are very popular these days because they are lightweight and inexpensive. As these tubs are fragile, you can’t use anything overly acidic. So, it’s time to say goodbye to vinegar and bleach.

You can use gentle abrasive powders like Bon Amis and Ajax Powder in order to remove stains from the bathtub. However, we suggest testing the powder on a small area first to see if the enamel can handle it. The best bet is old good hydrogen peroxide because it is cheap and very effective. While you clean use cloths or soft sponges because enamel bathtubs are also prone to scratches.

For stubborn stains, make a paste by adding the powder and water. Apply it on the stains and wait for half an hour before washing away.

Remove stain from Acrylic Tubs

Although acrylic tubs are the most prone to cracking and scratching modern homes are equipped with this type because of their stylish & elegant look. In simple words, the tub looks like plastic, it’s actually acrylic.

As you can’t use anything abrasive, cream cleansers like soft scrub are your option. What to do with tricky stains then? Cover the stained area with the cream cleanser for around 20-25 minutes and then rinse away—prolonged exposure is your secret sauce here.

For weekly routine cleaning, you can use mild dish soap or basic cream cleansers. Always stay away from using heavy duty tools like scrub brushes and scouring pads. These will make a scratch on your bathtub.

Alright, now that you know how to remove stains from different bathtub it’s time to apply your knowledge. Keep your bathtub stain free and enjoy the bath!


How to Replace a Bathtub Drain

How to Replace a Bathtub Drain

Replacing a bathtub drain is vital because after certain period of time the old tub drain will start malfunctioning which will lead to water leakage. The good news is you will find it relatively easy to replace a bathtub drain even if it comes with an integrated shower drain hair catcher.

However, if you have a very old bathtub, the task of replacing the drain would be difficult. This is because corrosion can accumulate around the shoe of the tub drain thus making it difficult to remove.

Use of bathtub drain removal tool will make your endeavor effortless. At the same time, this will save your bathtub surface from potential damages.

Step-by-step guide to replace the bathtub drain:

Step 1:

At first, you should examine the old tub drain and get familiar with the type of stopper it has. Determining the old stopper is important because it will tell the type of tools you need to complete the task.  Then you just need to lift the drain & unscrew the stopper.

Step 2:

Now that you have removed the stopper it’s time to remove the drain itself. There are different types of plumber drain wrenches available in your nearby hardware store. Just pick the right one that suits your drain type.

Step 3:

When you have perfect drain wrench the rest of the work becomes easy. Insert the wrench into the drain and rotate anti-clockwise. At first, it seems to be very hard to turn but if you keep on trying the drain will start to turn. If you can’t do that by using the hand it’s a good choice to use a screwdriver to get a better torque.

Step 4:

When the old drain gets removed you will find the old plumber’s putty around the hole. You must clean that old putty before installing a new drain. It’s never hard to clean that putty because their stickiness will be eliminated with the passage of time. Just collect it and throw it away.

Step 5:

Congratulations! You are half way through. Now it is time to apply new layer of plumber putty around the drain hole. You only need a small amount. As for example, for a typical bathtub, make a ball of putty that is no more than an inch in diameter. Roll the putty by using both hands and make it 6-7 inch long with a thickness like a pencil.

Step 6:

Unpack your new drain piece and flip that over the drain hole. Apply the putty around the drain flange. Don’t forget to press the ends together.

Step 7:

Rotate the drain clockwise this time. You can use a screwdriver for that extra torque. Rotate until you can’t turn that piece anymore. In the process, some of the putty may squeeze out around the edges. Just remove the excess plumber’s putty.

Step 8:

In this step, place the new stopper at the center hole in the drain. Like the drain you should rotate the stopper clockwise.

Step 9:

If you can come thus far that means your new bathtub drain and drain stopper is now installed. Do some checking at this point. Fill your tub at least half with water while keeping the stopper close. Hold the water for a while and observe if there is any leak. Take a dry erase marker and mark the water level then wait for 30 minutes. If the water level remains in the same spot it means there is no leakage.

That’s it! By simply following these 9 step procedures you can easily replace the bathtub drain and make the tub full functional again.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why my tub is making gurgling sound while I drain it?

There can be mainly two reasons-

  • It may not be vented properly
  • Or, if it is winter ice may block your plumbing vent

2. How can I unblock my plumbing vent when it is blocked by ice?

Carefully drizzle some boiled water into the vent to get rid of this situation.

3. Shall it cost some drywall if I want to replace my old bathtub?

Yes, you have to remove the wall covering around the tub to the way of removing it except the bathtub with drop in nature which is mounted into a platform.

4. Freestanding or Built-in, which one is best bathtub?

Here is a dilemma. Actually you have to consider some factors. If you be practical and concern about cleaning of sticky and dump dust then you should go for built-in tubs. On the other hand if you are concern about your bathroom appearance and have enough space you may install freestanding tub to have a gorgeous looking bathroom.

5. What is the best home remedy for a slow draining tub?

The most popular and effective option is the combination of backing soda and white vinegar. Dump equal amount of baking soda, salt and vinegar into the drain and rest it for ten minutes before flash it out with boiling water to clear away any blockage without using any harmful chemicals.

6. How to make my bathtub hold more water?

Firstly, be sure that your drain stopper is working properly and water is not dripping. You may also screw over the overflow drain, which fits exactly, to get extra deep soaking bath.


Final Verdict

Redecorating and making repairs can improve the value of your bathroom. And you can spruce up the bathroom simply by installing a new bathtub. I am sure that this resourceful review will help you to consider the buying factors and to find the best bathtub according to your preference.

So, which one best fit for you? I hope this bathtub review will help to find the perfect one for you. Share with us your refreshing bathing experience with the new bathtub.

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