Best Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head – Reviews with Comparison

After a long work day, I always feel refreshing when I take my shower in the evening. And trust me I don’t enjoy taking showers keeping one of my hands occupied by handheld shower heads. I mean who wants that when we have the luxury of the best ceiling mounted rain shower head?

These shower heads deliver you maximum comfort and provide you a natural feel. You may be thinking that if you use ceiling shower heads water will splash on the bathroom walls or doors and in the process create water marks on those. Well, you have shower curtains that are mildew resistant to avoid that situation. On top of that, you can consider installing LED lighting shower head to spice up your showering experience.

So, without any further hesitation read on this long article to find some of the best products that are available in the market. I am sure you will find your ideal type.


Best Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head 2020 Reviews

1. Near Moon – 12 inch ceiling mounted rain shower head12 inch ceiling mounted rain shower head

With a diameter of 12 inch NearMoon will offer you power, volume & large area coverage—just what you expect from a ceiling mounted rain shower head. This piece will make your shower very enjoyable and soothing.

The large surface, sprinkled with dozens of nozzles, will deliver an impressive volume of water, enough to bathe 2 people at the same time. The thin, solid construction ensures its durability, while the leak-proof and rust-resistant design suggest reliability and quality.

When you have plan to renovate the shower room you can use this option at an affordable budget.


2. Lumo Spa – best rain shower head for low water pressurebest rain shower head for low water pressure

Guaranteed for life. These 3 words are everything you need to realize that this is probably one of the amazing rain shower heads currently on the market. There is nothing that this product doesn’t do better than any other in its category, starting with its looks and ending with its performance.

There are few shower heads that use laser indicators to maintain water pressure within optimal limits and this is one of them. This provides you a great bathing experience even in the low water pressure situation. The degree of control, combined with the top quality material, the silicone jets and the modern, stylized looks, bring this product to the top of the chain.

You don’t hear often about a shower head is a lifetime investment, because there are few that truly are. This is one of them.


3. Gintenco – round rain shower headround rain shower head

This 12-inch stainless steel giant combines the impressive power of the long-extinct mammal with the gentleness and the delicacy of a butterfly. It is extremely rare to find a piece that satisfies both aspects, which is what makes this one that much more valuable.

The ultra-thin design is a delight to the eye, while the adjustable position is guaranteed to deliver an impressive bathing experience. Everything is exquisite, from the silicone self-cleaning nozzles to the outstanding durability and modern visuals.

Whether it is performance, modern design, adaptability or durability you seek, this piece has them all. You deserve what’s best, which means you cannot miss on one of the best pieces the market has to offer.


4. Somov World – high pressure rain shower headhigh pressure rain shower head

With this piece, showers have finally got the respect and the plus of value they needed. Just as the name suggests, the rainfall will outshine everything you thought you knew about showers.

The removable water restrictor is set to take things to a different level, whereas the steady and flawless performance is set to deliver the maximum of effect. This shower head comes with anti-clogging silicone system that acts as a water stain remover as well.

It is easy to install, the shower nozzles are designed to self-clean and the water jets are steady and plentiful. There is nothing more you could wish for. This high pressure shower is precisely what you need for an unforgettable showering experience.


5. Healthy Life Style – rain shower head with adjustable armrain shower head with adjustable arm

This one behaves just as you would expect: bigger, stronger & more impressive. The fact that it is spa approved should tell you everything you need to know about its profile.

Indeed, this version stands out as one of the best money can buy. It delivers power, elegance and high performance with an ease which is unmatched by any other products in its category. The extensible mounting arm allows you to change the shower head’s angle, height and distance and the powerful, rich water jets will deliver the ultimate showering experience.

There aren’t many things we ask for from a well-designed shower head. All we need is efficiency, durability and class. This one has them all.


6. WYJP – large square rainfall shower headlarge square rainfall shower head

If shower heads could get awards for the first impression, this one would take the first place several times over. There are few, if any, other pieces that will make such a powerful first impression and it is no wonder – this one takes the cake by a mile away.

Aside from being extremely easy to install, with a stainless steel build-up and leak and rust proof materials, the Large Square Shower Head delivers quite a performance. What you will be getting is a cascade of water, with the 12” surface pouring an impressive stream of liquid per second.

Being lightweight, durable and one of the handsome on the market, this product stands to impress. And if the chrome finishes didn’t get to you, its power and adaptability surely will.


7. Delta Faucet – stainless steel rainfall shower headstainless steel rainfall shower head

Are you tired of malfunctioning shower heads, or those that simply do not live up to the expectations? No problem, this piece is set to solve all of these problems. Coming with a rock-solid construction and immense power and versatility, it is definitely meant to excel.

The stainless-steel material combines with the unique and smooth visuals to give birth to one of the most impressive shower tools on the market. Not only it looks good, it performs perfectly as well, delivering up to 9.9 L/min, more than enough for a royal shower experience.

Who said showering has to be boring and dull? With this tool, you will feel all the sensory-rich experience worthy of a high-end product. What’s not to love about it?


8. Full Function International – 8 inch shower head8 inch shower head

We are closing our list with one of the absolute kings in the category of shower heads. With the appearance of Captain America’s spare shield and a high-tech performance and efficiency, the chromed Rainfall is certainly designed to impress at first sight.

The flexible head rotates its joints depending on your needs and the solid material construction ensures a lifespan of years to come. Pound for pound, this is one of the best investments you could go for.

Showering now translates into comfort and relaxation, aside from the standard body cleansing. And you cannot achieve the proper level of comfort without resorting to the best shower heads on the market. It is innovation and quality that make the difference.


9. Homequisite – rain massage shower headrain massage shower head

Quality is what guides us, no matter the product or service we would aim at acquiring. And quality stands for a lot of things, starting with the way the product looks and feels and ending with its overall performance. Which brings us to this piece, where quality is taken to the next step.

There is nothing common about this piece because there is nothing common about excellence either. Built out of corrosion resistant material and including self-cleaning nozzles, this bad boy is durable, solid, smooth looking and high-tech.

When was the last time you had an anti-fungus, anti-clogging shower head that would deliver top notch results and look impeccable while doing it? This is your chance of experiencing just that.

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Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head – How to Choose The Best One for You?

How to Choose The Best Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

Having a shower was all about cleaning your body. Until today, when it grew to become so much more than that. And for a top shower experience, you need a top-quality shower head.

But what are the criteria by which to select the right one? How do you know which are the best shower heads to buy? Worry no more, because all the knowledge you need is right here:

  • Quality construction – What good is an innovative, effective shower head that malfunctions after several uses? Make sure the material is top notch, as well as the manufacturing.
  • Wide coverage – You want your shower head to deliver quite the bath, so always make sure the water spread is more than enough. Also, make sure that the water is pouring softly in your body.
  • Rust resistant – Obviously, this is a must, especially with all the moisture around.
  • Self-Cleaning silicone nozzles – These are the gold standards with modern shower heads, so don’t forget to keep an eye for them.

These 4 key factors are more than enough to ensure the quality of the product.


How to Install Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Heads?

So, you have finally made up your mind and bought a ceiling mounted shower head, right? Now it’s time to mount it in its place. But how exactly should you proceed and what are the steps to be followed?
Worry not, because it is easier than installing the best bathtub and will be one of the easiest things you have ever done. More precisely:
  • Remove the old shower head you want to be replaced
  • Clean the joints to make sure the new head will fit in perfectly
  • Put the new one into place and secure it according to its mechanism
  • Test the shower to see whether it functions as it should
  • Check for any leaks, indicating a faulty installation

As you can see, there are only 5 steps you need to worry about. Most shower heads are easy to put in place. However, should you feel the need to contact a professional, for a plus of safety, feel free to do so.


How to Fix A Leaking Rain Shower Head?

Despite having a new shower head, it just may happen that it could start leaking at one point. There are many potential causes for that, but the most common ones are clogged nozzles.

So, how do you fix the problem without spending your money on professional assistance? Easy-peasy:

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Remove the shower head (either in its entirety, or just the faceplate, depending on the situation)
  • Soak the shower head in a solution of water in vinegar, that will dissolve any dirt that may clog the nozzles
  • Clean the shower head support as well
  • Put everything back together and see if the leak persists

In case the problem persists, you can always go for professional assistance instead.


How to Clean A Rain Shower Head?

The best thing about modern shower heads is that they are usually self-cleaning. The nozzles are made out of silicone and they don’t clog with dirt, hard water deposits or whatever. This is a priceless asset to have, which is precisely why you should only look to buy high-quality shower heads.

However, let’s say that the unimaginable has happened and you have to deal with a dirty shower head after all. When that is happening, there are several things you need to do.

  • Unmount the shower head from its place
  • Use a vinegar-based solution or a professional cleaning product to remove all the dirt and hard water traces
  • If the shower head is clogged, you can soak it in the solution and let it moist for a couple of minutes
  • Put it back on and test to see its functionality

For the most part, this isn’t something you will have to do regularly. Just once in a while, whenever you feel like dirt has become visible and it starts to bother. Otherwise, with top-tier shower heads, you should be all good.


What is The Optimal Height of A Rain Shower Head?

Obviously, the optimal height is that which suits you the best. There is no objective answer because not all people are of the same height to begin with. However, it seems like, for most, the optimal height is somewhere around 6 feet.

The best way to check your shower head’s height and determine if it is what you need is to compare it to your needs. If you have to duck to be able to use it, or if you feel like it is too high for the water stream to be effective, that’s the sign you need to change its height.

The good part is that modern ceiling mounted rain shower heads have a wide surface and a lot of power, which means even if they’re too high, it will make little difference.


Final Verdict

A quality ceiling mounted rain shower head is that which will transform your shower experience altogether. You need comfort, efficiency and flexibility and the only way to get it is by choosing the best of the best.

You have your suggestions, so it’s not knowledge you lack. Get a high-tech modern rain shower head and your life will be changed forever.

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