Best Cleaner for Shower Doors – Detailed Reviews and Analysis

Bathroom cleaning is not only meant for looks but more importantly for hygiene. People tend to think that a bathroom will remain inherently more hygienic and cleaner than the rest of the house, because of all the soap running around. Clearly, that’s not the case, especially not with all the humidity supporting bacterial growth, accumulation of mold and body hair get caught in the bathtub drain protector.

Surprisingly, it’s the door that requires more cleaning effort than you might think. And for this, you need the best cleaner for shower doors.

Cleaning your bathroom needs to be done regularly and needs to be done thoroughly. In this quest, the following products are your ally. Moreover, I have also provided the way to use it and buying guide for your convenience.


Best Cleaners for Shower Door 2020 Reviews


1. Chomp 52117 – Best Soap Scum Cleaner for Shower DoorsBest Soap Scum Cleaner for Shower Doors

When it comes to bathroom cleaners, there are mostly 3 things you are looking for: safety, efficiency, prevention. This product has them all in the same package and it will definitely work wonders for your bathroom.

Aside from eliminating soap scum, any hard water deposits, along with everything in between, Chomp is also safe for usage. It will disinfect the area with extreme efficiency and will prevent scummy build-up in the long run. It is perfect for shower and bathroom doors alike.

Hygiene is definitely an important aspect of maintaining our well being and it all starts in the bathroom. This piece will ensure your bathroom door will remain clean and bacterial repellent for longer.


2. Bio Clean – Eco Friendly Shower Door CleanerEco Friendly Shower Door Cleaner

Ranked as one of the best hard water removers on the market, Bio Clean is an eco-friendly, high-quality cleaner of immense power. What is more important is that this one comes with multi-tasking abilities you will definitely appreciate.

Able to remove mildew, soap stains, hard water deposits, mold and even rust. Its industrial grade quality allows you to pull these off. There are few, if any, products that match this one’s efficiency and adaptability.

Another crucial aspect is that this cleaner can be used on doors, tankless toilets, shower glass and stalls, and on a variety of materials, from steel to granite to fiberglass. It is indeed a top-notch cleaner you absolutely need right now.


3. Wet and Forget 801064 – Shower Door Cleaner

Shower Door Cleaner

They don’t come with a more suggestive name than this one. Specially designed to clean and sanitize the entire bathroom environment, this product is more than just a door cleaner for your bathroom. It is among the best bathroom cleaners in existence.

You can use it once a week and then, you guessed it, forget about it until the next usage. The active chemical components are safe, yet extremely effective at the same time. They help eliminate mold, bacteria, hard water stains and soap scum with an unrivaled efficiency.

There are no corners to be cut when it comes to bathroom cleaning. The best products need to meet certain quality requirements and Wet and Forget has them all checked.


4. Earth Friendly Products – Shower Door Cleaner with Tea Tree OilShower Door Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil

You are rather sensitive to chemical use, but you need a cleaning agent to keep your bathroom in check nonetheless? Your search is over because this product is set to solve all of your problems at one go.

Soap scum, mildew, hard water deposits and stains are always a drag in anyone’s bathroom. Add calcium mineral formation on top of everything else and you will understand how much of a necessity product like this one is. Containing tea tree oil extract, aloe vera and several other plant-based ingredients, this shower cleaner does its job marvelously.

Add to that the fact that it doesn’t contain any dyes or parabens whatsoever and the impression will be even more powerful. An EPA certified product for your household.


5. The Rain-X 630035 – Bathroom Glass Door CleanerBathroom Glass Door Cleaner

Advertised as an X-treme cleaner, this definitely lives up to the expectations. With this product, there are no compromises to be made. Everything stands for excellence and quality and that’s what sets it apart from all the other products in the same category.

It is made to be used for glass surfaces only and its extremely potent formula has no insurmountable barriers it has yet to surpass. Everything is within its reach, including mold removal, hard water, soap scum cleaning and bacterial repelling at the same time. On top of all that, you will get a sparkling effect that looks more beautiful and lasts longer than with any other product.

For extreme cleaning and sanitizing, there are right and wrong answers. Rain-X is the right one.


6. CRL Laurence – Water Stain RemoverWater Stain Remover

One small bottle to solve all of your problems. You know how most of the bathroom cleaners are specialized in dealing with specific areas? Some are fit for mold and rust stains, others have anti-microbial properties and another category is more or less effective, depending on the surface being used on.

Fortunately, CRL is a fit for all surfaces and helps solve most of the problems with a minimum of effort. This innovative power is hard to come by, which makes this product a lot more reliable than many others in its category.

Our bathrooms need to remain completely sanitized for longer periods of time if we want to live in a clean, hygienic environment. And, since the best outcome only comes with using the best products, this should be your preferred choice.


7. Bring It On Cleaner – Safety Glass Cleaner for Shower DoorSafety Glass Cleaner for Shower Door

A daring name with an even powerful impression. But does this shower cleaner lives up to its aggressive marketing and the hype or is everything just a smokescreen? And this is where it shows why this product is probably among the top cleaners for cleaning or, at the least, one of the best.

It removes everything from calcium mineral deposits, to hard water, to rust stains and soap scum. And it does it all with the same efficiency and ease. You can use it on a wide variety of surfaces including bathroom floors even if you have a non skid bathmat.

In the end, what matters more than fast and effective results? From this perspective, this product definitely goes beyond expectations.


8. Bio Clean Products – Hard Water Stain Remover for Shower DoorHard Water Stain Remover for Shower Door

Its universal applicability, extreme efficiency and top-notch long-term results have propelled this Bio Clean product among the best in the market. It has never been easier to clean your shower doors and to maintain them in peak condition for longer than it is now.

This product works on a wide variety of surfaces and it solves most, if not all, of your problems in an instant. Nothing can escape its effective cocktail of high-power ingredients, not mold, not hard water and not bacteria. On top of everything else, it is also eco-friendly, meaning that it poses no danger to people with sensitive skin.

Keep your bathroom clean and sanitized and you won’t have to worry about the damaging influence of mold, hard water or bacterial deposits.

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Buying Guide for Shower Door Cleaner

Buying Guide for Shower Door Cleaner

As you probably already know, the entire bathroom and shower doors, in particular, are subjected to a lot of hygienic problems. Hard water deposits can linger for years, hosting bacterial growth and allowing mold to settle in. This brings us to identify the most effective cleaners that you can get.

You want to completely remove those problems altogether, but you are unsure of the correct course of action. Obviously, what you need to do is go for an efficient, recognized shower cleaner. And identifying the best one is a matter of it fitting several criteria, like:

  • Eco-friendly – You want the least amount of chemical impact in order to save the environment.
  • Universal applicability – Your cleaner should be fit for use on all surfaces. This way you will be able to use one product on the entire bathroom, not just on several sections.
  • Efficient formula – The best cleaner is the one that deals with most of your problems.
  • Sanitizing power – Not all shower cleaners have hygienic power, which is why it is important to select one that does.

With these criteria in mind, there is no doubt that you will quickly find the perfect product for you.


How to Clean Shower Doors with Hard Water Stains

Hard water deposits are more common on shower doors than anywhere else. And, while there are specific homemade solutions you can use in this regard (like water mixed with vinegar), none are as effective and deliver long lasting effects as professional cleaners do.
But, even after you have purchased your top-tier cleaner, how exactly should you use it? And here we have several steps:
  • Spray the solution onto the dryer sheets
  • Thoroughly scrub the surface of the doors
  • Rinse with lukewarm water until everything is clean
  • If needed, repeat the entire process to ensure optimum results

This is everything you need to do in order to keep your shower doors in pristine condition. And not only you will be able to completely remove every trace of hard water stains, but you will also be able to prevent them altogether.

And it is this long-term prevention effect that makes the crucial difference between homemade cleaning products and professional ones. Not to mention the sanitizing effect on top of that.


How to Clean Shower Doors with Dryer Sheets

Hard water deposits are not the only problem with shower doors. You also have soap scum to worry about, as well as various stains along with them. Using dryer sheets can be a solution. However, no dryer sheet truly works without using the door cleaner on top of that.

The dryer sheets are merely the tools, but the active ingredient needs to be potent, effective and extremely powerful. So, you have put your hands on the right cleaning solution, all you have to do now is get to work.

  • Spray the solution onto the dryer sheets
  • Thoroughly scrub the surface of the shower doors
  • Rinse with lukewarm water until everything is bright and clean

As you can see, there’s nothing too fancy about it. Everything is pretty much straightforward and easy to understand. Just make sure to grab a bottle of powerful cleaner, one that will deliver long-term effects and that has hygienic properties altogether.


How to Prevent Water Spots on Shower Doors

Aside from ruining the pristine aspect, hard water spots also serve as breeding ground for cultures of bacteria. They are also harder to remove than you might think and tend to come back again and again, despite you putting all your efforts into cleaning them thoroughly.

As you can see, the best way to get rid of the headaches associated with hard water spots is prevention. How exactly do you prevent the appearance and resilience of the water spots? In this regard, we have several solutions you could apply:

  • Clean your shower doors daily – This is probably the most effective of them all. It doesn’t take long and, as a result, you will stop having problems in the long run.
  • Use protective solutions – If you don’t have time to clean them daily, at least treat them with cleaning, protective solutions at least once a week.
  • Use homemade solutions – If you don’t intend on buying a professional shower door cleaner, you can make one of your own. Just remember it will be less powerful and less effective.

In the end, it is not too difficult to get the job done properly. All you need is the right set of knowledge and the willingness to do so. We have provided you with the first, while you are responsible for the latter.


Final Verdict

Having the best cleaner for shower doors can make a huge difference in the long run. There will be no hard water stains, no soap scum, or any other deposits, no bacterial growth and no mold to worry about.

Your bathroom will remain in pristine condition for longer periods of time and everything will be clean and sanitized on top of that. People don’t realize how important it is for their bathroom to be maintained in top condition.

If hygiene is of any importance, then we should do everything in our power to maximize its benefits. And everything starts with one potent bottle of shower door cleaner.

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