Best Flushing Toilet – Tested & Reviewed by Expert

There are bad toilets and there are good toilets. And then there are the best flushing toilets which come with high-octane features, amazing designs and top-tier quality. But do you need to upgrade your toilet? Is that an absolute must?

Seeing the extensive differences between poorly designed, ineffective products and innovative, highly effective pieces, the answer is definitely “yes”. You absolutely need to upgrade your toilet, not just for the looks, but for the functionality as well.

There are plenty of modern, innovative pieces you can choose from, but knowing what suits you best is a matter of investigation. And you have its fruits right here for the taking. These are the best toilets reviewed and tested by experts currently available in the market.


Best Flushing Toilet to Buy 2020 – Expert Reviews

1. TOTO CST744SG – Strong Flush ToiletStrong Flush Toilet

The TOTO products are renowned for their durability, design and versatility and this one makes no exception. If the perfect toilet has to bring together looks, functionality and innovation in a striking & powerful manner then this just might be it.

The smooth, superbly finished design is more than meets the eye. With an ionized polishing, designed to kill and repel bacteria with every flush, this product shows that looks are not everything. The G-Max flushing trademark system has been created with efficiency in mind; it is silent, highly powerful and effective.

With a solid construction, a modern and sleek design and innovative, high-tech features, this piece represents the next step in the field of home toilets. It doesn’t just look good, it performs impeccably as well, a balance that is as hard to achieve as it is rewarding. If you are in need of a change, this is how you should start it.


2. Dometic 320 Series – Best Standard Height ToiletBest Standard Height Toilet

Despite the name, there is nothing standard about this toilet. With a smooth look and impeccable finishes, this piece manages to deliver both delightful visuals and a pristine functionality at the same time.

The vitreous ceramic bowl is elongated and it has been created in a residential style, to satisfy even the most pretentious tastes. An ergonomic foot pedal can be used to gradually add water to the bowl, or flush when needed. It is this ease of use, combined with the solid construction and the pretty design that has caused users to fall in love with this piece.

There is no question about it – Even toilets deserve an upgrade once in a while. And what is the better way of doing so than acquiring a top-tier product? If this isn’t the perfect toilet, it sure looks like a strong contender.


3. TOTO CST744SL – Most Powerful Flushing ToiletMost Powerful Flushing Toilet

When comparing this piece with others in the same category, there is one thing that helps it stand out from the crowd: the modern look. This is the first thing that catches the eye, as the polished, clear finishes speak about the quality and the design. But that is merely the beginning.

Functionality-wise, everything falls into place beautifully. Starting with the quality of the material and continuing with the superb finishes and the top features like the G-max flushing system, everything makes for one top-tier toilet. The elongated bowl ensures a plus of comfort, just as the universal height makes this product fit for the entire family.

Ranking high among the top quality flushing toilets in the world, this TOTO trademark piece delivers all the quality, comfort and innovation you need for your bathroom. Combine all these aspects with the advanced G-Max system included and you’ll surely understand where its fame comes from.


4. American Standard 2467.016.020 – Good Flushing ToiletsGood Flushing Toilets

Nothing is better than the nostalgic feel of a classic design, mixed with modern functionality and innovative technology. And this is exactly what this piece, in particular, manages to achieve. The American Cadet toilet beautifully mixes these 2 factors for an absolutely spectacular outcome.

Both the bowl and the tank are manufactured in such a way that they would cut no corners in terms of either efficiency or looks. Every piece seems to perfectly fall in its place, making up for one of the best standard toilets you would have ever sit on. As an addition, the surface of the toilet is mold and mildew repellent and it is designed to eliminate both bacteria and odors alike.

From the standpoint of efficiency, this piece nails it by a long shot. It is the perfect addition to your bathroom and will most likely come as a lifetime investment. The fact that it also looks good is the cherry on the top.


5. Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT – Best Toilet Flushing SystemBest Toilet Flushing System

If you are tired of 2-piece toilets, this is your chance for a significant change. This product solves that problem by delivering compactness and packed efficiency. A solid build-up, wrapped up in a subtle, polished designed make for one of the best toilets on the display today.

The Saniflo 023 can be connected to a skin, which is, in and of itself, a major plus. Each flush will deliver one gallon of water, for extensive cleaning and the antibacterial properties will ensure everything is safe and sterilized. On a side-note, the design is compact and flawless, with a solid look to it and smooth, polished finishes.

The perfect toilet needs to deliver specific features like efficiency, innovation, looks, durability and reliability and this one has them all. It is the perfect addition to a modern bathroom setting and it currently ranks among the best toilets to date. And this fact alone says a lot.


6. TOTO MS604114CEFG – Toilets That Flush WellToilets That Flush Well

There are few pieces of toilets that are as handsome as this one. If you think looks are not important when it comes to toilets, you might want to check that misconception again. It is not until you have got your hands on a piece like this that you realize how wrong you are.

With this toilet, the tank is not separate from the bowl. Instead, they come in one solid piece, majestically bounded together for an outstanding effect. The modern, sleek design includes the lateral modern windings, giving the impression of postmodernist art. And it doesn’t stop there because looks are not everything.

The double-cyclone flushing mechanism ensures a maximum of efficiency, by being both silent and powerful at the same time. With a universal height and more than 1 gallon per flush water delivery, this product definitely takes innovation to a whole new level. Is this the toilet for you? You bet it is.


7. KOHLER 3810-G9 Santa Rosa – Most Powerful Toilet FlushMost Powerful Toilet Flush

Some people are looking for handsome toilets, to fit their bathroom design. Others rather prefer to focus on efficiency. In both cases, concessions have to be made. The Santa Rosa toilet is the first of its kind that removes the need for concessions.

This piece delivers both the looks and the innovative prowess, in one deceptively simple system. Here you get a smooth one-piece design easy to clean and easier to maintain, a compact elongated bowl and a comfortable seat for everyone to enjoy. The height is universal, fit for every member of the family and the AquaPiston flushing technology takes everything to a whole different level.

This piece has been designed to be leak-proof and its durability and strength come from the impeccable, proficient crafting. With so many benefits and so little downsides, it is no wonder that this product ranks among the top user choices on the market.


8. TOTO CST743S – Easy Flush ToiletsEasy Flush Toilets

There are few toilets that can find the perfect mix of classic and modern, both in terms of design and how they function. Fortunately, this is one piece that achieves precisely that goal. With a more classic look and a modern, innovative feel, this toilet comes with the most modern, efficiency-oriented features a toilet can display.

These include both the G-Max flush, which is silent, but incredibly potent and the Fast Flush system, which has more than double the size of conventional flushing valves. Everything about this product is faster, bigger and stronger and it ultimately shows in its results. In addition, if you are looking for more diversity, there are quite a few color options you can go for.

All in all, this product embodies much of what anyone would look for in a modern, state-of-the-art toilet: efficiency, looks, durability and innovation. Definitely a worthy addition among the best flushing toilets in the world.


9. KOHLER K-3609-95 Cimarron – Best Flushing CommodesBest Flushing Commodes

Despite spending relatively less time in the bathroom than anywhere else in our home, we need our bathroom to be fully equipped with the most modern features available. Which includes a solid, high-tech, good-looking toilet along the line. This is where this product comes in.

There are so few toilet designs that mix comfort with the looks and the efficiency that we can count all of them and we would still have fingers left unused. This one delivers just that, with its superbly designed body, the AquaPiston flushing system and the intense, state of the art performance. For all intents and purposes, it literally cannot get any better than this.

There is no doubt in my mind that you need performance, innovation and efficiency above everything else. It is in our human nature to crave for a higher degree of comfort and this piece delivers just that. You need it and you need it now.


10. TOTO CST244EF – Most Powerful Residential ToiletMost Powerful Residential Toilet

Do you want a new toilet just for a more refreshing look? Do you want to breathe life into your bathroom’s design or do you simply need a new piece thanks to its efficiency? Regardless of your reasons, this right here is one of the best choices to make.

The elongated bowl fits perfectly with the universal height, suited for all body sizes. Regarding efficiency, the E-Max system has you covered. The flushing mechanism is powerful, able to deliver 1.28 gallons per flush, and quieter than standard systems at the same time. It is here where performance meets strong visuals and an extraordinary composure with a never-before seen ease.

A high-tech toilet should be a once-in-a-lifetime investment. One that can deliver comfort, security and elevated performance and there is no other product that can do that better than Entrada from TOTO. Feel free to check it on your own and I guarantee you will fall in love with it.


11. Kohler K-3493-7 – Super Flush ToiletSuper Flush Toilet

There are several features that define greatness in terms of quality: striking visuals, impeccable design, durability, optimization, innovation and performance. Quite a mouthful of requirements, which means having difficulties in finding a toilet to encompass them all is absolutely normal. Not anymore, though.

This 2-piece toilet comes as a well-designed and superbly manufactured piece, where comfort mixes with performance in a way you are unlikely to achieve anywhere else. But the most important aspect of all has to be the flushing system. The innovative Pressure-Assist mechanism ensures high performance at all times and this is the first thing we need in a high-tech toilet.

Are you looking for comfort? The universal height of the seat, along with its well-thought design has got you covered. Are you looking for performance instead? The flushing system, along with the durability and the sustained performance are what you need. As you can see, you can’t go wrong with this one.


12. Toto CST744SF.10 – Best Performing ToiletBest Performing Toilet

Universal accommodation, comfort, high performance and an impressive design, focused on efficiency and good looks. These are the features that define the 2-Piece TOTO Drake. Does this look like part of the next gen of residential toilets? Yes, yes it does, and I will explain why.

It all starts with the flushing system. It is the famous G-Max, specially designed to deliver a balance between power, rapidity, low water consumption and noise reduction. And it has managed to achieve that almost flawlessly. On top of that, you have the standard universal height, making it fit the entire family’s needs, and the superbly made chrome finishes to make everything look pristine.

In terms of high performance and flawless efficiency, there is nearly nothing better than a high-tech toilet, constructed to the latest standards. Which goes to say this piece is your best bet in that regard. Never cut corners on quality.

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Buying Guide for the Best Flushing Toilets

Buying Guide for the Best Flushing Toilets

Upgrading your toilet is no easy task. Believe me, I know it. But, once done, the benefits are enormous. Fortunately, with all the technological advancement today, it is easier than ever to grab a hold of the perfect flushing toilets the market offers.

But how do you determine which ones are fit for your needs? Or, even, which are objectively preferable over others? Easy enough, I have all that information right here for you to chew on.

  • Quality of the material – This will ensure strength and longevity, which is why this one is important to be kept in mind.
  • The flushing system – The most powerful and most effective one to date include the G-Max technology and the E-Max system.
  • Noise suppression – You don’t want to wake everybody up in the middle of the night. A toilet that delivers efficiency while remaining quiet is priceless.
  • Comfort – Not only that you need the toilet seat to be comfortable, but you want it to be comfortable for the entire family.
  • Universal height – This one is tied to the previous section because a toilet with an unfitting height is not comfortable by default.
  • The design – Sure, you can get a functional, high-tech piece. But what’s the point if it’s ugly? Not to mention, the quality of the polishing speaks books about the effort and the commitment that was put into its manufacturing.
  • Performance – You need to thoroughly analyze the product before purchasing and make sure it is top-notch from one end to the other, in all aspects.

I know they may seem like a lot of criteria to be focused on, but it is definitely worth it. We are using our toilets every day, which means they need to stand up to the harshest requirements. In essence, the 3 main features any modern toilet needs to encompass refer to quality, durability and design.

These 3 basic qualities are everything you need to be looking for that will ensure your toilet is state of the art. And, since toilets should be once-in-a-lifetime investments, it is crucial to make the most out of your money. If you don’t think it will be worth it, wait until your classic toilet breaks down.


How to Install A Flushing Toilet

Flushing toilets offer plenty of benefits, compared to classic pieces, one of them being water consumption reduction. But we are not here to talk about the pros and cons, but about how to install one.

Most people start by thinking it is an inherently complicated procedure, which is why they will call for the plumber even before testing the matter on their own. This means more money spent on something you can easily accomplish yourself.

You don’t need a college degree to pull it off, as long as you pay attention to the steps you need to follow. These include:

1. Measure the distances

Obviously, this is the first thing you need to do, before anything else. Measuring the circumference of the base of the bowl, as well as that between the bowl and the wall behind it is necessary for the new piece to fit.

2. Cut the water supply

There should be water valves to be used for that purpose, right behind the toilet. You don’t want to risk a flood, do you?

3. Disconnect and remove the toilet

If your toilet is a 2-piece, first you need to separate the tank from the bowl. Then disconnect the water hose and only after that remove the bolts keeping it in place.

4. Clean the place

Generally, you will be needing a utility knife for the job. You may have old wax and dirt stuck to the floor. Everything needs to be smooth and clean.

5. Install the collar

I am talking about the system used to connect the new toilet to the draining mechanism. It is pretty straightforward. You can’t go wrong.

6. Put the new toilet in place

Insert the bolts, put on the rubber gasket, attach the tank (if the new toilet is also a 2-piece) and insert and attach everything else there is.

7. Reconnect the water supply

In case your water hose is a bit too old, I suggest using the one included in the kit the new toilet came in. Otherwise, you can always purchase a new one instead.

8. Final touches

First, you have to make sure the toilet is level on the floor. No degree of inclination is acceptable. You can even use shims to rectify any level variation if needed. Then you must check for any potential leaks and if you find any just use the best waxless toilet seal to repair it. You don’t need to repeat the process.

See, nothing too complicated about it. You got this!


How to Fix A Slow Flushing Toilet

So, as we have seen, you can easily mount your new flushing toilet even when lacking professional assistance. At the site, I mean. But how about fixing it, in case something goes wrong? And what could go wrong with a toilet, except leakage and slow flushing?

And while the leakage problem can be fixed with relative ease, things are a bit different when it comes to slow flowing or slow flushing toilets. It is not that it’s difficult, it’s that you need to approach the situation differently. So, if you run into this problem in particular, what exactly should you do?

The first step you need to take is – identifying the problem. Slow flushing is just a symptom, not the actual problem, okay? So, here are the most common problems you may encounter, along with the solutions to each:

Problem 1:

The float doesn’t stay as high as it should. As a result, the water level in the toilet tank will always remain too low to deliver proper flushing pressure.


Readjust the position of the floater. Either bend the rod or shorten the chain holding it, depending on the situation. That should fix it.

Problem 2:

Problems with the flapper. In the sense that the flapper doesn’t lift as high as it should when draining the toilet.


Shorten the chain holding the flapper. It is unlikely for something else to be the cause. As a matter of fact, I don’t know of any other cause for the flappers to not rise completely.

Problem 3:

Clogging. Sometimes the sewer or the vent pipe can clog in time, which happens more often than not.


Use a plumber snake down the pipe to wiggle it thoroughly to break whatever it’s clogging it. Then pour water to clear the way. You can also use an auger in addition to that.

Problem 4:

Mineral buildups. These are quite common, actually, and will end up blocking the feed holes in the toilet’s rim. As a result, the flush will decrease in intensity.


In this case, you need to cut off the water supply, empty the tank completely and use a professional cleaner to dissolve the mineral deposits. Pretty straightforward, to be honest.

We have 4 different problems with 4 different, but easy solutions. Can you do it by yourself? Absolutely you can.


How to Reduce Toilet Flushing Noise

How to Reduce Toilet Flushing Noise

Now, I know what you are thinking. How could you solve the noise a toilet makes when flushing? There is no way around that, right? Actually, there is. But, before dealing with that point, in particular, let’s focus on some other problems that may cause your toilet to become extremely loud.

Some include the phenomenon known as “the water hammer”. This involves a persistent, repetitive banging noise every time the toilet fill valve shuts off. Another reason could be what is known as “resonance” which is a similar banging sound that occurs both during flushing and during tank filling.

Whatever the causes may be, you need to know what to do to identify the problem first. In that regard you can:

  • Shut down the water supply
  • Look for damaged faucet washers, which can cause the water hammer effect
  • Check to see if there are any mineral deposits or rust built inside the valves, which are known to be responsible for the same effect
  • Use professional cleaning solutions to dissolve any deposits you may have discovered
  • If everything is in good order, try switching to quieter flush valves instead
  • Check out the fill valve. If the water flow is either too low or too strong, the toilet noise will increase drastically

If you have gone through all these steps and have failed to get to the bottom of it, I would suggest you go for professional assistance. The problem may very well be beyond your reach. And you should always be safe than sorry.


Types of Toilet Flush Systems

So, you are in need of a toilet upgrade, but you just can’t decide exactly what you need, right? It’s okay, we have all been there. First and foremost, you need to go for quality. Nothing else is acceptable if you want to go for a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

We have covered this subject in the previous sections. But, outside quality, what else should you know when buying a modern toilet to replace the old one? Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that there are also different types of flushing systems. And, since they function differently, you might want to know what separates one from the other, before deciding what fits your needs.

With that in mind, judge for yourself:

1. Gravity-based flushing system

The clue is in the name. Basically, this one relies on gravity to do the flushing. Under the influence of gravity, the water will create all the pressure you need to keep the toilet up and running.

As plusses, we need to mention the fact that it is the most silent flushing system you can get and it requires a minimum of maintenance.

2. The dual-flushing system

This is the latest, more modern version, which delivers 2 options in terms of flushing your toilet: partial and complete flushing. The toilets armed with such a feature will provide you with a foot pedal to control the volume and the intensity of the flushing.

It is great for preserving water, which is why it is growing in popularity fast.

3. The pressure assisted flushing

The working principle relies on using pressurized air to create the flushing effect. The water will be forcefully pushed down by the piston-like air force. Just remember that this one is a bit noisier than the alternatives.

The good part is that it is unlikely for it to clog anytime soon, because of all that pressure cleaning the system during flushing.

4. The double cyclone system

It is called double cyclone because it uses 2 nozzles to get the job done, instead of the more classic rim holes. As a result, the siphon created is powerful enough to deliver high efficiency, which is why it has become fairly popular over the past several years.

As you can see, a perfect flushing toilet needs to meet quite a few standards. So, you might want to make sure you have everything in line to make the best choice for you and your family.


Single Flush vs Dual Flush Toilets

In other words, we are talking about the distinction between the classic and the modern. And not only in terms of looks, but functionality as well. What is better, single flush or dual flush toilets? Simply put, you can’t answer this question unless you first define each of them in particular.

Then you need to weigh-in the pros and cons and only after that, you can draw a conclusion. That being said, let’s have a look at what differentiates one from the other and which is ultimately better.

Single Flush toilets

Pretty easy to define, as this is what most of you have anyway. Endemic to older homes, single flush toilets are pretty much straightforward. They are, however, part of a generation that is likely to die out soon enough.


  • Easy to use
  • Solid, well-constructed
  • More affordable than the more modern models


  • Outdated designs
  • Water consumption can’t be controlled
  • Performance is limited

This doesn’t mean they are to be completely discarded, it's just that newer models fix some of the problems, although not completely.

Dual Flush Toilets

They come as an upgrade to the more classic models. Even though the concept is practically new, they are gaining increasing popularity by the hour. And that is for a number of reasons.


  • Controllable flushing system
  • Water consumption reduction
  • More versatile
  • Easier to use with the foot pedal
  • Overall more effective


  • A bit more expensive

Now, regarding the expensiveness, I don’t believe that to be a downside because the price is fully covered and even outweighed by the benefits. There is the E-max flushing system as well.

Having these displayed out, what is the best option for you? Well, it all depends on what priorities you have. But, overall, you will get great, high-quality products from both categories, so, pretty much everything comes down to personal preference.


How Does A Toilet Flush System Work?

“But why do I need to know how a toilet functions?” A legitimate question with an equally legitimate answer: because, one day, your toilet might malfunction, at which moment you might want to solve the problem on your own, rather than spend money for professional services.

And how else could you deal with the problems yourself, other than by starting with a little bit of knowledge? The first thing you need to find out is how the flushing system works because it is here where most of the toilet problems start. Whether we are talking about slow flushing, leaking, noisy toilets and so on, everything is more or less related to the flushing system.

So, here is what you should know.

The constituent parts of the tank:

  • Fill valve
  • Refill tube
  • Float arm
  • Float ball (floater)
  • Overflow tube
  • Flush valve
  • Toilet flapper
  • Handle arm
  • Chain connecting the handle arm to the flapper
  • Drain hole

What happens when you flush:

  • Push the handle
  • The chain connecting the handle arm to the flapper is pulled up
  • The flush valve is no open, causing the water to rush though the drain hole
  • Thanks to the toilet bowl’s design and the pressure, the water inside it will create the siphon effect, for extra cleaning
  • The flapper closes, preparing the tank for a refill
  • The float ball gradually falls down, opening the valve that refills the tank with water
  • Once the optimal water level has been reached and the floater has hit its most top position, the fill valve will automatically close

So, no mystery in it after all. It is a simple mechanism, delivering efficient, automatic results. And, obviously, you need to understand how it functions, so you can take immediate actions when anything goes haywire.

Why spend money on a plumber, if you can do it on your own?



Q: How do you measure a toilet’s height?

A: From the base of the bowl to the top of the bowl’s edge.

Q: What is a bidet?

A: It is a special type of toilet that can be connected to the sink. The goal is to eliminate toilet paper from the equation, as the bidet will gently wash your behind after the job’s done. Or, maybe, even during? So, bidet toilet seat is a really important feature.

Q: What are the qualities of a good toilet?

A: First and foremost, the perfect toilet needs to have all the objective qualities you are looking for. These include: noise suppression, water consumption reduction, a beautiful design and so on. Then, you need qualities like durability and strength, that will ensure your toilet’s performance for longer.

Q: Does it matter what the shape of the toilet is?

A: It all comes down to comfort. This is why most modern toilets have elongated bowl seats, so you might want to keep that on your must-have list of qualities.


Final Verdict

In essence, the best flushing toilet on the market come in various sizes, colors and with a wide variety of features. At the most basic level, it all depends on your preferences. However, there are objectively desirable features to keep in mind and I have provided you with each and every one of them.

It is important to have a good, modern, highly functional and performant toilet, which is why it is important to acquire knowledge on the topic. There you have it! Now you don’t have any excuses. Whether you decide to pick one from the list I have provided you with here or go on your own, it doesn't matter.

What matters is ultimately make the best choice for you and your family.

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