Best Handheld Shower Head: Tested and Reviewed by Expert

I often find myself in need of a refreshing shower right after a day’s work. And believe me, showers used to be hard and unrelaxing until I came across handheld shower heads. They clearly were a great investment, not to mention they offer convenience and features that I really love.

Surprisingly I discovered the perks when my old shower head’s gone busted. As such, I decided to create this review of the best handheld shower heads so that you can enjoy the many benefits that they offer. And I personally tested every single product before finally settling to one.


Best Handheld Shower Head 2020 – In Depth Review

1. Hydroluxe – 2 in 1 handheld shower head2 in 1 handheld shower head

If you’re torn between choosing a handheld and wall-mounted shower head, why not choose one that is both? This is exactly what the Hydoluxe shower head combo is all about. The set is made of chrome, silicone, and ABS plastic material for enhanced durability.

You have the option to use each of them separately or use them both all at once. There are 24 different spray patterns along with five settings for each shower head to help you choose which shower experience you prefer. The shower heads can be controlled with a switch and a 3-way diverter.

The product is quite easy to install, comes with a 5-foot stainless steel hose, and a 10-year limited warranty. Lastly, it’s an affordable option for a handheld showerhead that also comes with a mounted option, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


2. Delta Faucet 75700 – best rated handheld shower headsbest rated handheld shower heads

The Delta Faucet shower head is a perfect blend of a wall-mounted head’s convenience and a handheld shower head’s versatility. It’s made of premium ABS plastic material which is then plated with chrome for enhanced durability and longevity.

There are seven different spray patterns to suit your shower preferences and anti-clog nozzles for a quick and easy maintenance. You can easily adjust the settings by rotating the head as you would with a garden hose. Additionally, the handle has an ergonomic and non-slip design to add to its overall convenience.

With its 2.5 GPM flow rate, this is a showerhead with good water pressure. Overall, the product is a recommended buy, especially if you need a shower head that can offer you a significant level of versatility, convenience, and aesthetics.


3. AquaDance – best handheld showersbest handheld showers

The AquaDance shower head comes with six different spray patterns to make for a luxurious shower experience. You can choose from either massage, water-saving pause, pulsating massage, power rain, rain massage, power mist, and rain mist. Each of them can be adjusted with the help of the shower head’s easy turn dial.

It also comes with an excellent build quality. Its rub-clean jets help prevent the buildup of lime and minerals, which in turn allows you to clean and maintain it with ease. The package includes a 5-foot stainless steel hose, washers, heavy-duty brass nuts, a plumber’s tape, and an overhead bracket.

Lastly, you’ll appreciate this product’s easy installation feature which won’t require any tools at all.


4. YOO.MEE – modern hand held shower headsmodern hand held shower heads

Yoo.Mee is no doubt one of the well-known brands when it comes to producing high-quality shower heads. This high pressure handheld shower head is their contender in the handheld division. Aside from its high pressure design, there are several other features that come along with the Yoo.Mee handheld showerhead.

It comes with three different spray settings to accommodate your shower needs. It also has an ergonomic and non-slip design to help it stay in your hand even when soaping. With the Yoo.Mee shower head’s high pressure design, you’ll be able to relieve muscle pain and feel like you’re being massaged by an expert.

Despite having a plastic build, its build quality is sturdy and feels solid. Meanwhile, its 7-foot hose is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and ensure that it’ll last longer. If you need a piece that can act as a dual function shower head like giving you a better shower & relaxation from muscle pain, then this is definitely one of your options.


5. ShowerMaxx – best adjustable shower headbest adjustable shower head

Another excellent quality handheld shower is this shower head from ShowerMaxx. It’s packed with 6 different spray patterns to suit your shower preferences. The pattern is easily adjustable by using the adjustable ball joint in the handle.

The product is made of durable ABS plastic material and a chrome polish for a durable yet elegant addition to your shower room. Also, its self-cleaning silicone nozzle jets make cleaning and maintenance relatively easy.

The package includes a shower mount, a 5-feet stretchable hose made of stainless steel, two rubber washers, and an installation manual. The installation process is likewise easy and doesn’t even require the use of tools.


6. HotelSpa – long handled shower headlong handled shower head

In my opinion, the HotelSpa spiral handheld showerhead is the best choice for an entry level shower head. It has 7 different spray patterns including power rain, water-saving economy rain, pulsating massage, and rain/mist. The settings can be easily adjusted via the three-zone lever dial which is located on the face. Due to its myriad of functions, it can be used as your mobile home showerhead.

The shower head is made of premium quality materials and comes with a premium chrome finish. The package includes a 5-foot stainless steel hose, an overhead bracket, conical brass nuts, and a plumber’s tape. Likewise, the installation process is really quick and easy.

It’s available at a very affordable price. Therefore, if you’re looking for a fully functional handheld shower that comes with a number of features in a budget, this should definitely be one of your options.


7. Ana Bath SS5450CBN – best shower heads with handheldbest shower heads with handheld

The Ana Bath handheld shower is a popular choice among its customers due to its overall performance and durability. Same to the Hydrolux, it also functions as a double shower to help your muscles relax after a long and tiring day.

It comes with five different spray patterns for each of the head. Additionally, both the handheld and fixed shower head measure 5-inches to offer a wide water coverage, especially if you use the two of them at once. It also comes with easily removable water restrictors to make your shower experience a lot more convenient.

The Ana Bath shower head is an energy-conscious product that will help you save water and power in the long run. Additionally, it’s an affordable and cost-effective option for a  showerhead that offers functionality and aesthetics.


8. Waterpik SM 653 CG – best hand held shower massagebest hand held shower massage

Nothing beats a nice and soothing shower right after a day’s work, and the Waterpik piece does a good job at that. It comes with six different spray patterns, a 3-inch head, and the OptiFlow technology to allow maximum water flow and a powerful performance.

Of course, there’s an adjustable bracket to mount it easily on the wall as well as a stretchable 5-foot stainless steel hose. You even get a lifetime warranty, something which can’t normally be found in any shower head manufacturer particularly in plastic variants.

The Waterpik shower head is designed to offer relief from stress and tension in a stylish yet elegant manner. Also, the product’s design allows thorough rinsing of the body, thus allowing you and your family to stay fresh at all times.


9. Vida Alegria – top handheld shower headstop handheld shower heads

The Vida Alegria shower head is an ideal choice if you have low water pressure. It comes with a premium quality stainless steel hose that can easily stretch up to 7 feet, aside from the fact that it’s tangle-free.

There are five different spray patterns that are easily adjustable by hand for a more flexible showering experience. It also has an elegant and non-slip design that will surely complement the looks of your bathroom.

This high quality shower head is made of durable ABS plastic material that helps prevent mineral and lime buildup. As a result, you don’t have to worry that much about its cleaning and maintenance. Also, its silicone nozzles are self-cleaning and effortlessly remove any mineral buildup and deposits.


10. Aqua Elegante – powerful handheld shower headpowerful handheld shower head

This 6-function handheld showerhead from Aqua Elegant is a basic and affordable option.  The product is made of durable ABS plastic material layered by a brushed nickel finish.

There are 6 different functions to choose from. It also has a flow restrictor to help you adjust the flow accordingly depending on the situation. It also helps you conserve water, thereby allowing you to enjoy huge savings every month compared to your best bathtub and other options.

The installation process is also quite easy and doesn’t require the use of any tools. In the event that you notice leaks or cracks, the product’s 5-year warranty will largely help.

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Buying Guide to the Best Handheld Shower Head

Fun Fact: An average person takes around 28,000 showers in his entire lifetime. This number only shows how important it is to have a durable and good quality shower head to make your shower experience a lot more enjoyable.

However, before you even decide to buy from one of the best handheld shower heads in the market, you need to consider several factors first. These factors will help you determine which product can suit your preferences and allow you to make an informed buying decision. They are as follows:


The first thing you should consider is the shower head’s material. The ones on my list are made of various materials which include ABS plastic, brass, and stainless steel. It’s important to have a balance between cost and quality, and the material that perfectly fits that category is ABS plastic.

Shower heads made of ABS plastic tend to be lightweight and durable; this easily translates to an enjoyable shower experience. Products made of stainless steel and brass are quite durable, but the fact that they’re heavy and more expensive is a huge turnoff.


Shower heads normally range from four to eight inches in diameter, with 4-inch variants the most common. The size of your preferred shower head will have an effect on your overall shower experience. Small-sized shower heads are lightweight and easier to use. Meanwhile, oversized products allow you to use them for relaxation. There’s basically no “perfect” size here as it will all boil down to personal preferences.


Most handheld shower heads in the market are quite easy to install. However, you should always make sure that you can install your preferred shower head by yourself. Hiring a plumber to do the job can be quite expensive, especially when you can save a huge amount of money by doing it yourself.

A lot of handheld shower heads in the market even include a plumber’s tape in their packaging to ensure that there’ll be no leaks after installation. Also, you can even find an installation manual included.

You should make sure that all the essential components for your shower head are included in the box. The last thing you want is heading to a nearby store to purchase accessories and parts that are otherwise not included in the package.


Since they are held by hand, you need to make sure that your chosen product is lightweight. You need to consider the weight of the head and the hose as well. The weight of a shower head will be determined by its material. The heaviest are those made of brass, while products made of ABS plastic are the lightest.


Ideally, you need a handheld showerhead that comes with a number of features. Each product is different, so you can expect each of them to have their own set of features such as the number of spray patterns, water flow rate, and the technology used. Go for the one that comes with features which you think you will need.


How to Install a Handheld Shower Head

The process of installing a handheld showerhead is so easy that you can do it without the use of so many tools. However, there are some cases wherein you need a tool to uninstall an existing shower head.

To start, make sure you turn off your water supply. Then, remove your existing showerhead by turning it in a counterclockwise direction. If it’s fixed so tightly, you may need to use an adjustable wrench. If you want to keep your old shower head undamaged, you should wrap a piece of cloth around its base where you’re holding your wrench.

Once you’re able to remove the shower head successfully, make sure you remove any residue or gunk present in the gooseneck. Using the plumber’s tape, wrap it around the gooseneck and smoothen to prevent any leaks. Most shower heads come with a plumber’s tape included in the package.

You may now install your shower head. To do so, simply screw its base into the gooseneck. Make sure that you fit your hose to the cross “T” section of your shower rail as you did with your shower head. Afterward, simply turn on your shower to check for leaks.

In the event you notice some leaks, make sure you turn off your water supply again and tighten the connections.


Benefits of a Handheld Shower

There are a number of benefits that a handheld shower has to offer, some of which are as follows:

Massage Features

most people appreciate the massage feature that a handheld shower normally provides. It’s a perfect way to relax your body after a long day’s work or to freshen you up even before you go to the office. Since there are different settings in each shower head, you can choose from a gentle to strong massage. This feature can be quite helpful in soothing any aches and pains your body may experience.


Another benefit of using a handheld showerhead is its flexibility. You can either use it as a handheld or a fixed shower head based on your preference. Also, most of the products in the market can be mounted on a wall with ease. The fact that it is handheld means that you can easily wash harder-to-reach areas of your body without having to bend or move around.


A handheld shower head allows you to conserve water each time you shower. As a result, you’ll be able to save a lot of money every single month.


Final Notes

A handheld shower is possibly one of the most useful household items you could ever buy. Since you normally take showers on a daily basis, you can certainly appreciate the benefits that it can give you. Also, it allows you to cut down on monthly water bills, making it a really cost-efficient investment.

I hope you’re able to learn some buying tips when you decide to purchase your own handheld shower. And when in doubt, just don’t hesitate to refer to my buying guide for the best handheld showerhead products. Thanks for reading, and good luck on your search!

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