Best Portable Toilet : Tested, Used & Reviewed by Expert

If you are the person who likes traveling and camping outside then there is one thing you will need the most. Yeah, you guessed it right—a portable toilet. It’s not easy to decide which portable toilet you should buy because not all products in the market are of high quality. In addition, it’ll be a big problem if your portable toilet landed with issues like clogging or leaking.

Here, in this comprehensive article, I have tested and reviewed some of the best portable toilets available in the market so that you can plan your next trip without any hassle.

Before we go to the buying guide, let’s first check out the top portable toilets that we think will make your next camping in the woods more enjoyable and worry-free.


Top Best Portable Toilet 2020 Reviews

1. SereneLife – best travel toiletbest travel toilet

This portable toilet has one of the biggest toilet tanks in the market. It has a 5.3-gallon toilet tank that can hold a lot of waste, enabling you to not empty it too often. It also comes with a splash-free rotating spout, so you’ll have an easier time when dumping waste. Lastly, it comes with a big carrying case for camping.

This is definitely one of the best portable toilet brands that you can find. It has a bigger capacity than most brands, and it also has a very compact size, making it easy to bring around. It also comes with odor-resistant materials, making it odor-free no matter how much you use it.

The only problem with this brand is that it’s pretty hard to empty the tank because it’s big. You’ll have to really dig into it if you want to completely clean your tank.


2. Camco 41541 – portable toilet for boatportable toilet for boat

This one also has a big 5.3-gallon waste holding tank. Aside from that, it also has a 2.5-gallon flush tank with a genuine fill valve kit. It comes with slide valve locks, so the toilet doesn’t leak. To make the toilet more secure when you go into the woods, it also comes with side latches to lock the toilet down. Plus, it also has a total seat width of 13 inches to make doing your business more comfortable.

Overall, this is a great portable toilet for those who like to go for a camping activity. One of the best things about this portable toilet is that it’s probably the sturdiest that you can find in the market as it has a solid and robust build. With this, you’re very sure that it won’t topple over.

While it’s very good at taking in waste, the hard part will come when you clean it. It has a slight design flaw which is its back corner. When water hits the back corner, remnants of the waste will stick to the corners. This is a bit gross and hard to clean.


3. Drive Medical – portable toilet medical

If you often bring your grandparents with you for your camping activities, this is the portable toilet that you would want to take. It comes with arms and legs on both sides to support the one who will use it. Aside from that, the material used is grey powder-coated steel, which makes it strong and long-lasting. It is also foldable, so it is very easy to bring around.

This product was purposely designed for seniors as well as for people with limited mobility. Not only it is great as an outdoor camping toilet, but it is also good to bring on trips abroad, especially if you’re going with senior citizens. It also comes with a 7.5-quart commode bucket that can be used for dumping the waste later on.

While it is very useful for elderly and those who have injuries, the width between the two arms may make it a bit hard to use. Of course, it will work pretty well for smaller sized people, but bigger sized individuals may have a problem.


4. Reliance Fold45 – collapsible portable toiletcollapsible portable toilet

This is probably one of the most portable pieces on this list because of its very compact structure. It is collapsible and can be folded down to five inches. This makes it very easy to bring around. It also comes with a double doodie bag.

The best thing that can be said about this product is that it’s very sturdy and compact at the same time — a combo that not many portable toilets are designed with. The great thing about this toilet is its innovative leg lock system that adds to its overall sturdiness, making it able to stand its ground on any type of terrain.

The problem would be its height. The height of the toilet reaches around just 13 inches above the ground. For shorter people, this wouldn’t be so much of a problem. However, taller people will likely have difficulty sitting down as they may need to squat in an awkward position.


5. PARTYSAVING – best portable camping toiletbest portable camping toilet

It comes with a 2.6-gallon waste tank, and it also has a water tank. Compared to other toilets on this list, this one is probably the most colorful one.

This portable toilet is the perfect buddy for your RV, camping, and even boating. It is designed to be neat and sturdy. In fact, it is made with high-quality Polyethylene construction, making it very solid but comfortable at the same time. Its load limit is 330 pounds, so you won’t have to worry much about the weight of the users.

The con about this product is that you will find it necessary to get a liquid deodorizer to really keep your area odorless. While the toilet can keep waste with only minimal odor, you might prefer smelling no odor at all.


6. Best Choice Products – best porta pottibest porta potti

This portable toilet has a 5-gallon tank that is detachable and is pretty easy to clean. What makes this product unique is that it has a dual spray jet system for faster flushing power hence making it a good flushing toilet. The seat is also made of polyethylene, making it quite durable. It uses water for flushing and has a water tank with a capacity of 3 gallons to store.

Unlike most portable toilets that use water, this one has an extremely strong flush that can prevent clogging. What makes it good is the 3-gallon water tank that enables it to store a lot of water that can be used for flushing. This makes it one very efficient toilet to use.

Since it uses water, leakage is one of the problems that a lot of users may experience with this product. If full, the toilet has the tendency to leak. With this, you would probably need to empty the toilet more often than once a month to avoid leaking problems.


7. Thetford 92850 – best portable toilet for vanbest portable toilet for van

Another great product on this list is this one. It sizes 17x15x13.4 inches, and it comes with a 4.2-gallon clean water tank and a 3.2-gallon waste water tank.

This product is designed to be durable and compact, which makes a lot of users love it. With its ergonomic carrying handle, this portable toilet is very easy to carry around in RVs, vans, trucks and camping. It is also very easy to use for all users alike. In addition, it has a removable seat and a toilet cover for exclusive pour-out sprout as well as for easy cleaning.

The only disadvantage of this portable toilet is the fact that it is a touch expensive. Nevertheless, it’s worth its high value.


8. Dometic 301097502 – best portable flush toiletbest portable flush toilet

This portable toilet has a 5-gallon tank with stainless hold-down brackets. It weighs 14 pounds and sizes 13.5×15.5×16.5 inches.

One of the most interesting features of this product is its push-button flush. Designed with an adult closing toilet seat and a lid, users will have a comfortable time doing their thing with this portable toilet. Additionally, it has an easy-view indicator to help you keep track of your tank level.

Although a lot of users like the pump that comes with the toilet, others find it noisy. With this, we may conclude that it might not be very suitable for use at night.


9. Reliance Products – self contained portable toiletself contained portable toilet

This lightweight self-contained portable toilet from Reliance Products has perfect dimension. It comes with one Eco-Fresh packet, and it is designed with a contoured seat, an inner splash cover, and a toilet paper holder. It also has a removable bucket for the user to use when disposing of the waste.

The most amazing thing about this toilet is that it is lightweight, so it is very portable and easy to carry around anywhere. The fact that it comes with a lot of toilet necessities such as an Eco-Fresh pack, a splash cover, and a toilet paper holder is also great. All these add convenience and comfortability to each user.

Compared to the standard portable toilet size in the market, this product has a smaller size. Because of this, many users find it too small.


Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Toilet

Now that you know which products you should consider buying, the question now is which of the options you should choose. Well, that will all depend on your own needs and taste. To help narrow down your choices, you may use this buying guide that contains factors that you should take into consideration when you buy a toilet. This can help you decide which is the best for you. These are the factors below:


The first thing that you have to take into consideration is the type. There are three types that you can choose from namely the flush portable type, bag portable type, and composting type. The flush type is the one that uses water and acts like a traditional toilet. However, the waste does not go down the drain but it goes to a waste tank.

A bag portable type is a type that catches the waste in a bag and the composting toilet type stores the waste in a composter which can be used for fertilizer for plants. The composting type is the one that is usually used if one cannot easily access water.


The size is extremely important when you buy a portable toilet–especially the height. A good height that you can use as a benchmark for portable toilets is 15-18 inches high. It’s very important to take note of the height otherwise you won’t be able to sit down properly. The width of the toilet seat is also very important because it’ll also determine whether you’ll be comfortable or not. 11 to 12 inches is a good benchmark for toilet seat width.


You’re obviously going to buy a portable toilet because you’ll want to move it around easily. So this is going to be one of the important factors to take note of when you buy the portable toilet. While most toilets are easy to bring around anyway, there are others that take portability to a whole new level. There are those that are even collapsible or foldable. Of course, the choice you make really depends on where you will take the toilet often. You should also take note that the foldable and collapsible ones are flimsier than the regular ones so if you’re a rough toilet user, you may want to buy the sturdier ones.

Ease of Dump Removal

You must also take into consideration how easy it will be for you to remove the waste materials. Most portable toilets are connected to a waste tank. So when you look at the dump removal system, you must also look at the waste tank. Check the size of the waste tank and check if you think it’s easy to clean. Also, we recommend that you get the portable toilets that have cleaning bags as a part of the package to make things easier for you.

Price Range

While you may be tempted to buy cheap toilets to save money, this won’t be such a good idea when the toilet starts to fall apart. Our suggestion is to buy the ones that are reasonably priced but are from well-known brands. You may use the above-mentioned products and their prices as your benchmark for when you create your budget.


How Do Portable Toilets Work?

Once you’ve selected the portable toilet that you want to buy, you may start using it right away. If this is your first time using a portable toilet, then there will be a bit of getting used to. For this purpose, we also added some extra info that you would probably like to know about using a portable toilet. To know that, you must first understand how a portable toilet works.

A portable toilet pretty much works like a regular toilet except for where it carries the waste. Instead of being flushed to the sewage, it gets flushed to a waste tank. The waste tank is found inside the toilet usually under the toilet seat. The waste tank is made up of various chemicals that break the waste down and cleanses it. This is why portable toilets don’t leave any odor.

Also, the portable toilet makes use of a flush that uses water coming from a water tank. The water tank dispenses water when the flush is activated thus pushing the waste materials from the toilet bowl to the waste tank. The flush is either found at the side of the toilet or at the base. If it’s found at the base, it’s a foot flush where you’ll step on it to activate the flush.


How to Use a Portable Toilet

The next thing that you have to learn about is how to use the portable toilet. It is quite natural that those who have never used one before will have some adjustments to make.

First, let’s talk about the water tank. In order for your flush to work, you have to fill the tank with clean water. You can do this by unscrewing the lid which can be found on the other side of the tank. If you want, you may also fill the water tank with some special chemicals that can clean the waste materials right away when you flush. There are various ones you can choose from. You may visit your appliance store and ask which one is good.

If you decide to use additives or chemicals in the water tank, strictly follow the instructions in the packet. If there is a strong smell that comes from the toilet after you put the additives in, then you most likely put too much. With that as an indicator, you should put less the next time.

Now that you have filled the water tank, you just have to make sure that the toilet is carefully secured to the waste tank. If you have any leg locks for more sturdiness, lock the toilet in place so it won’t topple.

When everything is ready, you may now use the toilet. Since there’s already water or some additives in the water tank, you can flush the portable toilet after you have done your business.


How to Empty a Portable Toilet

The literally dirtiest part of using a portable toilet is emptying it because you have to get rid of the waste sooner or later. As this is one of the hardest parts of using a portable toilet, we broke the process down into steps to make it easier:

Look for a dump zone

The first thing you have to do is to look for a dump zone right away. You have to determine where you’re going to dump the waste in advance so you can do everything quickly.

Take out the waste tank

Once you have already determined where your dump zone is, take out the waste tank (waste tanks are easily detachable) and bring the waste tank over to the dump zone.

Dump the waste into the zone

Unscrew the cap on the end of the tank and turn the tank over. Slowly dump all of the waste into the dump zone. If you can cover the dump zone with some dirt, that’ll be even better so that the smell will go away faster.

Clean the waste tank

Once all of the waste has been dumped, get a hose and completely clean the inside of the tank. There will be some remnants of waste inside the tank so you might want to wear a pair of gloves and take out the remnants if the hose can’t do it.

Replace the water from the water tank

While you’re at it, you may as well replace the existing water in your water tank. Dump all the existing water near the dump zone and replace it with clean water. If you’re using additives though, you might want to throw it in a drain instead of the ground as the additives may harm the soil.

Put everything back together

Now that everything has been cleaned and the water tank has been replaced, you may put everything back together again. Make sure that the water tank and the waste tank are both secured to the toilet so that it can be used again.


Key Takeaways 

Using a portable toilet can be a challenge if you’re used to a traditional toilet. However, you’ll find that there are a lot of benefits that you can get from using a portable toilet, especially if you like to go camping or spending time outdoors.

Of course, you can’t just get any portable toilet that you see in the store. You need to get a high-quality one that has the features that suit your needs.

If you want to get the best portable toilet for your RV, camping or travel use, check out our list of favorites. Also, take a look at our buying guide so that you’ll know how to choose the best one based on the most important deciding factors.

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