Best RV Shower Head: Detailed Reviews with Buying Guide

After months of traveling on my RV, I realized one essential thing that I might have missed – and that’d be a cool and nice shower. As such, I searched the internet for products that will make it possible.

One thing that captured my attention is the RV shower head. By investing in one of the best RV shower heads in the market, I’m now able to enjoy a decent shower any time I want. I’d like to share the same experience with you, which is why I created this review (along with a buying guide) of the best shower heads in the market that’s ideal for your RV.


Best RV Shower Head 2020 Reviews

1. Camco 43712 – shower head with on off switchshower head with on off switch

If you’re looking for a more ergonomic shower head, then the Camco shower head is for you. It comes with several features to offer you an amazing shower experience. It is the best rated handheld showerhead which includes an easy-to-use on/off switch which allows you to pause the flow of water while shampooing.

This means you can reduce water consumption, which in turn allows you to save more water. Moreover, the Camco RV shower head has five spray patterns to help you pick a pattern that suits your needs from a delicate back rub to a mightier splash.

What I like most about the Camco shower head is that it has a built-in connector that is designed for easy installation. It also comes with a 0.5-inch shower arm to prevent hose cable twisting.


2. Dura Faucet – camper shower headcamper shower head

Another product I would recommend you is the Dura handheld shower wand from the Dura Faucet brand which is a well-known name when it comes to RV shower head manufacturing. This handheld shower wand features a single function head design with a flow rate of 2.2 gpm at 60 psi. It has a metallic finish and weighs only 0.64 ounces, making it an extremely lightweight option.

One of its main features is the flow control switch which can be used as a safety trickle valve as it doesn’t include an on/off switch. Another thing that I love about this handheld shower wand is that it is extremely flexible, thus allowing it to fit most shower hoses.

It is also UPC and CUPC certified. Lastly, it’s made of heavy-duty materials to ensure that it will last longer.


3. Oxygenics 26481 – travel trailer shower headtravel trailer shower head

What I find remarkable about the Oxygenics shower head is its design which is specifically intended for showers in recreational vehicles. Aside from that, its SmartPause valve will preserve water tank levels by limiting the flow of water during soaping and keeping the water temperature consistent.

It also includes an extraordinary spray design which helps in significantly reducing your shower time. Such feature allows for speedier flushing and washing which is considered a major benefit especially if you have long hair.

Lastly, it has non-stick internal parts which I think helps prevent the clogging up and buildup of minerals. With its 60-inch hose, you can benefit from the product’s convenience and comfort.


4. ETL 26781 – rv shower head and hoserv shower head and hose

For me, the White Body Spa Oxygenics shower head is the best RV shower head you could ever find. Since it is designed to fit standard shower hoses, there’s no need to worry about any fitting requirements.

It also uses a patented technology that allows you to adjust the flow of water from a weak spray into a strong one. Another feature I discovered is that this shower head uses less water, thereby allowing you to save more water as you shower.

It comes with a 60-inch water hose and a WaterSense 2.0 GPM label. Its shutoff valve and water-saving design are created to prevent excessive use of water which, I believe, is one reason why it’s advantageous to use. Compared to other shower heads in the market, the Oxygenics shower head doesn’t clog that easily.


5. PIH – high pressure rv shower headhigh pressure rv shower head

This pressure boosting shower head from PIH features three settings which are pulsing massage, power, and shut-off (trickle). Designed specifically for recreational vehicles, this shower head allows you to save water as you shower mainly due to its efficiency.

It’s capable of increasing water pressure without even raising the pressure on the regulator. As such, you can expect good water flow, albeit not the most powerful in the market. It comes with a quick and easy installation, not to mention it’s one of the many lightweight options you can find.

The PIH high-pressure shower head is your best bet if you’re in need for an RV shower head that’s easy to install, comes with a number of options, and is available at a relatively affordable price.


6. Dura Faucet – shower head for motorhomeshower head for motorhome

Another shower head product that’s designed specifically for recreational vehicles is the Dura Faucet shower head which is available in black. It features a modern design and has a very impressive overall construction. It’s constructed from high quality and lightweight synthetic resins to make it durable and comfortable to use.

It has a 60-inch hose that comes with a mounting bracket to allow a quick and hassle-free installation. The shower head’s modern design allows it to earn a spot in our list of the best RV shower heads.

Since it’s designed for recreational vehicles, its design will seamlessly complement with your shower’s aesthetics.


7. Wholesaleplumbing – mobile home shower headmobile home shower head

The WhiteRV shower head from WholesalePlumbing is yet another worthy addition to this list. It comes with the same features as what most quality handheld shower heads in the market have to offer.

Its build quality is good, constructed by the quality and lightweight synthetic resins to ensure durability and longevity. It easily fits most standard showers, and its 60” synthetic hose is quite easy to install.

There’s a water saving trickle valve included. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an on/off switch. Regardless, it’s still one of the best options if you’re looking for a quality, functional, and affordable RV shower head.

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Buying Guide to the Best RV Shower Head

Before you decide which RV shower head to purchase, you should first make sure it can meet your shower needs and preferences. To help you with that, I have created this buying guide which details the factors you should consider when buying your RV shower head. They are as follows:

1. GPM (Gallons per minute)

If you’re boondocking, you might have a major issue with water use. To make up for that, you need to opt for a shower head that comes with a low GPM rating. Reducing your water usage to a significant level should be one of your priorities even though you’re always in campgrounds.

Fortunately, it’s a lot easier to look for shower heads that come with a rating of 2 GPM or even less.

2. Build Quality

Another important factor to consider is the shower head’s build quality or durability. By investing in a durable shower head, you won’t have to replace it every now and then. Also, a shower head with an excellent quality is more resistant to corrosion and other elements that can deteriorate its quality.

You can confirm a product’s durability by taking a look at customer reviews or asking for advice from your friends who also travel on RVs.

3. Handheld Design

RV showers normally have very little space to spare. In order to fit into that small shower space, recreational vehicles are commonly fitted with a handheld showerhead. If that’s not the case, then you might want to invest in one.

Also, you can’t easily move around in such a tight shower space in order to clean yourself. You need to also move your shower head around to wash other parts of your body which might be otherwise hard to reach.

If you bring a dog along, a handheld showerhead becomes all the more important as it allows you to clean your furry pet with ease.

4. Water Pressure

If you travel on your RV, you most likely don’t have access to an outside water source. Hence, you won’t be able to enjoy a significant water flow when taking your shower. It is for this reason why water pressure plays an important role when choosing your RV shower head.

The best RV shower heads in the market are designed in a way that they can compensate for the lack of high water pressure by introducing an airflow into the stream. As a result, water pressure will increase without unnecessarily increasing water consumption.

5. Shutoff Valve

Since there’s no access to an outside water source if you’re boondocking, you will need to shut off the water supply when you’re not using your shower or when shampooing. The shutoff valve is the one to take care of it. It will stop the water from flowing into your shower head without the need to shut off the cold and hot valves. This way, you’ll be able to conserve water without changing its temperature.

6. Ease of Use

Due to the number of features available, a lot of shower heads in the market tend to be quite hard to use. Fortunately, there are fully functional products that aren’t complicated and challenging to use. Also, they provide the added benefit of an easy and quick installation.


How to Replace Your RV Shower Head

It’s not that hard to replace your faulty or busted RV shower head. In fact, it follows the same procedure as you would with a standard shower head. However, if you’re new to DIY installation, you might find it overwhelming.

Don’t worry though. The steps are fairly easy and will allow you to fully replace your old shower head in minutes. They are as follows:

  • Remove your old shower head by using a wrench. Make sure to open your wrench wide enough to secure a grip on the shower head’s notch. Turn it in a counterclockwise direction to loosen it up.
  • With the old shower head loosened up, simply unscrew it using your hands.
  • After removing your old shower head, there might be some dirt or excess materials left around the pipe. Clean them up and make sure you remove any residue before installing your new shower head.
  • Wrap the pipe with a few layers of Teflon tape. Afterward, smoothen it out along the threads.
  • In most cases, you only need to tighten your new shower head by hand. To do so, simply turn it in a clockwise direction. Don’t exert too much force as it might break your replacement part instead.
  • Once it’s properly tightened and secured in place, turn on the water supply to check for any leaks. If there’s none, then you just completed your DIY installation.


How to Get More Water Pressure in Your RV Shower Head

Having to deal with a low water pressure is annoying. It takes almost forever to clean the dishes, and in the event you’re shampooing, you’ll find it hard to get that shampoo off your hair. If ever you’re struggling with a low water pressure even with the dual spray shower head, there are some things you need to check.

First is to check the water pressure controller in your vehicle. If it’s no longer working, you will need to replace it to solve the issue. A lot of campers have no idea that the controller itself is often the culprit of a low water pressure, and that the simplest solution to this problem is to have it replaced.

You also need to check your hose for any defects. If it’s torn or damaged, water flow might be disrupted.

Another factor is your water filtration system. This happens if it stops working or is damaged, in which case you will need a replacement. Aside from these, there are several other factors that lead to low water pressure in your RV. These include a defective plumbing system, old or damaged shower heads, or a faucet with tiny openings.

So, the question is – how exactly can you increase water pressure in your RV?

One is to use a high flow connector hose, while the other is to use a high flow water pressure controller. Of the two, the best option is the pressure controller as it keeps the water pressure steady at around 50 psi while at the same time expanding water flow. As a result, you can enjoy steady water flow as you wash your dishes or take a shower.

While it’s a tiny component, using a water pressure controller will allow you to enjoy a more hassle-free RV camping experience. Additionally, it allows you to avoid any problems with your RV that might only cost you tons of time and money in the future.

Simply think of it as a small investment that will help increase the lifespan of your RV’s water system.


Does the Best RV Shower Head Help You Save Water?

The answer is simply YES. Just imagine taking a bath with just a gallon of water to rinse off that soap from your body. There are two options to choose from: the first one only drips at a trickle, while the second one comes with good pressure. Which do you think works best?

Of course, the answer is the second one. If you settle with the first option, you’ll most likely need another gallon of water to remove that soap off your body. Meanwhile, going for a shower head with a good amount of pressure will remove all that soap in just a matter of minutes!


The Final Verdict

There’s no doubt that the best RV shower heads in the market can help you save tons of water. However, make sure you only pick the right one that suits perfectly with your needs and preferences. Hopefully, this comprehensive review and guide are able to give you all the information you need when looking for a reliable RV shower head.

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