Best RV Toilets | Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

Toilet upgrades. Whoever thought there would be a time when we would discuss this topic? Well, the time has come. On today’s list: the best RV toilet and what it brings new to the table.

Did you ever feel like your RV toilet is missing on some well-needed features that could improve both efficiency and comfort? Now it’s the time to seriously upgrade yours.

If you are interested in seeing what your options are, the following represent the best products in this category, that will make your road-trips more comfortable and worry-free than ever.


Top Picks of Best RV Toilets 2020 – Reviews

1. Dometic 310 – Standard Ceramic RV Toilet

The ceramic bowl is 100% vitreous, but lightweight at the same time, making it perfect for RVs of any sizes. This RV toilet is easy to install, long-term reliable, extremely comfortable with the ergonomic, well-designed seat and it requires low to no maintenance.

Overall, this product does an impeccable job at solving your problems in one simple move. Everything is about quality and efficiency and Dometic graciously lives up to the expectations. Do you need it? Yes, you absolutely do.


2. Thetford 31672 – Aqua-Magic RV Toilet

Combining the classic looks with the modern functionality of an advanced piece, this product manages to revolutionize how recreational vehicles work. It is all about independence and comfort and Aqua-Magic nails them both big time.

Standing as one of the finest RV toilets currently on the market, this product has all the features you could have hoped for: universal multifunction toilet seat, fit for all types of RVs, durability, a one-pedal flushing system and a simple, but impeccable design. The product is the best portable flush toilet, easy to install and it represents the perfect upgrade to your old RV toilet.


3. Thetford 42058 – RV Portable Toilets

This piece is not only the most visually stunning but also one of the most well-constructed and optimized among its competitors. The superb artistic visual touch can only be matched by its undisputable overall reliability and efficiency. From top to bottom, everything breathes grade ‘A’ quality.

The single-pedal mechanism is easier to use, simply because it is located sideways, the level of comfort is out of the charts and the seat has anti-microbial properties as a plus. Everything is superior to most RV toilet models, including water pressure, sanitizing and overall performance.

If you have decided you need an upgrade for your recreational vehicle, then this is the first thing you need to go for.


4. Camco Standard 41541 – Portable RV Toilet

Camco is simply a marvel of modern engineering. The first impression is stunning, but nowhere near as revealing as the second one. It has one simple, yet effective design.

The 5.3 gallon tank is removable which makes it one of the best tankless toilets for RVs and it attaches to the toilet’s body using side latches. It can fit most recreational vehicles, including boats, and it comes with all the features you need for a maximum of comfort and efficiency. The odor repellent technology goes hand in hand with the anti-leakage design for this master-crafted pieces.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an RV, a custom boat or a yacht. Camco goes perfectly with all of them. Who said you can’t take your home’s comfort with you on the road?


5. Palm Springs – Outdoor Camping Toilet

Nothing is more refreshing than an RV toilet constructed with efficiency in mind. Impressive visuals are there to impress you even more. What truly matters is the ability to deliver comfort, innovation and precision. In one word – optimization.

This product comes with a 5-gallon detachable waste water tank and a sturdy & durable construction. The high-density polyethylene ensures the resilience of the material for years to come. In the end, everything comes down to quality and nothing embodies that concept better than this toilet.

Regardless whether you enjoy long roads or simply have to indulge them due to the nature of your job, having an RV is priceless with regards to comfort. Then with an RV comes the need for a class-A toilet and nothing beats this piece in terms of results.


6. Dometic Standard 300 – RV Toilet with Sprayer

If you want to bring all the residential comfort into your RV with you, this is how you do it. This piece represents elegance, proficiency and it comes with a modern vibe to it as well.

The foot pedal helps to adjust the water level, the well-optimized lid provides 100% coverage and you get a hand spray included in the package. This standard mobile toilet is great for all types of recreational vehicles, as long as there is enough room to install it.

With a simple mechanism and embodying the architectural prowess of modern crafting, the Dometic toilet stands to the highest standards in toilet construction. Your RV needs it as it will change the way you travel for good.


7. Thetford Aqua-Magic 42170 – Residence Toilet

“Magic” is what defines this product more than anything else. This one is as beautiful as they come, with a pristine design and superb finishing touches, fit for any top-tier products of its class.

There are several things that recommend this piece in particular as a modern piece of marvel: the anti-microbial seat, odor-inhibiting material, lightweight, yet durable construction, efficient working mechanism. Truth be told, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Aqua-Magic currently ranks as one of the top RV toilets, as it manages to fulfill even the hardest-to-meet requirements. Needless to say, it will completely change the way you use your recreational vehicle while on the road. Have the comfort of your home with you every day.


8. The Thetford Aqua-Magic 31667 – RV Toilet with Hand Flush

Another Aqua-Magic product, another impeccable result. The classic look is specific to the brand, while the solid construction and innovation revive efficiency. This piece is made to impress in every way and it manages to do so in great fashion.

Staying true to the drastic requirements of an RV toilet, Thetford 31667 brings both functionality and design versatility. It works great for all types of RVs and it is effective and easy to use. Compared to other models, this one has a hand-held handle, instead of a foot pedal.

This low profile yet an efficient product is precisely what you want for long trips, camping or anything involving your personalized RV. A must have for anyone possessing recreational vehicles.

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What Makes A RV Toilet Best

Maybe you have installed the best flushing toilet at your home but if you like to be on the road constantly to have a lot of fun, you should have everything you need with you. And, yes, we include the RV toilet here as well, because it plays a more important role than people tend to think. But how can you recognize the best one and by which criteria should you purchase yours?

In this regard, there are several aspects you need to keep in check:

  • The quality and the resilience of the material
  • The sturdy construction
  • Ease of use
  • Appealing design with tasteful finishes
  • Useful features, including water-control
  • Anti-leaking and odor repellent mechanisms
  • Anti-bacterial properties

As long as you check as many criteria as you can, you are sure to get your hands on the best piece the market has to offer. But, aside from everything else, quality is the key feature that should guide your preferences. Anything else is just icing on a cake.


How Do RV Toilets Work?

The functioning principle is really easy to understand because everything is semi-automatic and 100% hygienic. There are several stages by which the waste is being collected and disposed, depending on the type of RV toilet you are using – for small trailers or for larger trailers.

  • The water tanks – All RV toilets need water tanks, depending on how demanding the travelers’ needs are. Travel trailers will usually have 3 separate water tanks for this purpose alone.
  • Waste accumulation – The residues accumulate in the toilet tank and have to be manually emptied with smaller trailers or accumulates automatically in an outer tank with larger ones.
  • Flushing – With travel trailers, which have waste disposal tanks underneath, the waste is collected in the tanks and mixed with chemicals to neutralize the odors. So, RV toilets usually have good flushing system.
  • Emptying the tank – It should be performed once every several days, by using a hose attached to the dump station. A pretty straightforward process.

As you can see, everything is pretty much almost fully automatic. And, compared to the benefits of owning a high-tech RV toilet to your disposal for long roads, the downsides are insignificant.


What to Use to Clean the RV Toilet

Although you might not be using your recreational vehicles too much, this doesn’t excerpt you from keeping them in mint condition. And even the premium quality RV toilets need regular maintaining and cleaning if they are to extend their lifespan and remain in good condition.

In this regard, there are several things you can do:

  • Clean the toilet bowl daily – If you are on the road and there are several people using the toilet, make sure you clean it once a day. For ladies’ sake.
  • Use specific toilet paper – It’s called RV toilet paper and your septic system will “digest” it with greater ease.
  • Take care of the tanks – This is essential, because that is where all the health hazard lies. All you have to do is use chemical treatments and deodorizers to keep everything in check.
  • Keep the tank sensor clean – You can use water to remove the residues that may stick to it and cause it to deliver false readings.

Cleaning your RV toilet is not a difficult job to accomplish and shouldn’t take you too much time. But the benefits are immense by comparison.


How to replace an RV toilet

We never use RV toilets as much as we use residential ones. However, sometimes something can malfunction, which will require you to replace the piece as a whole. And why call and pay for a professional, when you can do everything by yourself?

These are the key steps you need to follow:

  • Shut off the water supply so you can work, then flush the tank completely
  • Remove the bolts keeping your toilet in place
  • Carefully clean the spot after removing the toilet bowl, along with the tank
  • Place the new toilet where the older one was
  • Lock it in place with bolts and make sure it doesn’t budge
  • Connect the water plug and the tank or the hose to the trailer tank, depending on the case
  • Turn the water on and check to see if there are any leaks. If you see any leaks you can use a top quality waxless toilet seal

Sounds pretty easy, right? That’s because it is. Why resort to a professional when everything is within your reach?


Wrapping It Up All

Going on vacations should provide you with comfort and relaxation and your RV should be your little oasis, equipped with everything you need. In this day and age, this also means you need one quality RV toilet to accompany you on the road and make your life just a little bit easier.

This review contains some of the best and most complete products in the field. If you are looking for quality, efficiency and ease of use, you can easily hit the jackpot with either of them.

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