Best Toddler Toilet Seats | Detailed Reviews and Analysis

You definitely want that your kids would learn how to use toilets effectively when they start walking. This will make things easier for you. However, your toddlers can’t use the classic adult toilets properly and if you force them to do so it will create a feeling of fear in their tender mind.

What’s the solution then? You got it right, toddler toilet seat. And in this article you will find some of the best toddler seats available in the market.

Most people don’t even realize how many benefits can be accomplished by adopting such a minor change. Toddlers too need their comfort, just as much as adults do. And, as a parent, you are obliged to accommodate their needs.

That being said, these are the best toilet seats designed with toddlers in mind.


Best Toddler Toilet Seat 2020 – Expert Reviews

1. The Munchkin – Sturdy Potty SeatSturdy Potty Seat

Minimalist design, top efficiency and an attractive design. These are 3 core qualities of any toilet seat meant for toddlers and this product has them all. Needless to say, your munchkin will love it, as much as you will.

This piece comes with comfortable handles for extra maneuverability, it’s made out of polypropylene and it is as sturdy and comfortable as it gets. The seat follows the contours of the toddler’s body and it is odor repellent by construction.

And, you have 6 different colors to choose from, allowing you to personalize the seat according to your toddler’s preferences. It is one of the best mixes between practicality and looks, which is why it is so appreciated by its users.


2. The Zohzo – Potty Training Seats for ToddlersPotty Training Seats for Toddlers

If you are planning to teach your toddler the secrets of using the toilet on his own, this is precisely what you need. There is a reason why this one is called a potty training seat.

Zohzo’s first and foremost goal is to accommodate your kid to the intricacies of using the toilet on his own. The design is simple and friendly, the padded surface adds to the overall feel of comfort and it is easy to use, clean and store.

The top quality toilet seat is meant to provide comfort, security, durability and visual appeal and this is exactly what you will be getting. Is it time for your child to learn the ways of an adult? Then this is the perfect way to start.


3. The BABYBJORN – Toddler Potty Seat for Toilet Toddler Potty Seat for Toilet

More often than not, it is the small things in life that have the most impact on our lives. Such is the case with BABYBJORN, which comes as a must-have for every family with kids.

The ergonomic design, embodying the ease of use and the comfort, along with the sturdiness of its construction, make this product one of the best money can buy. It is this simplicity, combined with the high-grade material and attention to details that have popularized this piece so effectively.

Is this what you need? Absolutely. It solves all of the problems toddlers have with using adult toilets. Furthermore, because of the simple and effective design, it makes it easier for them to become more independent. Talking about educational toilet seats, right?


4. The First Years – Soft Seat Potty ChairSoft Seat Potty Chair

Innovation is the key to promote higher quality products. This is why this toddler toilet seat has been so well received by the consumers. It stands for quality, ease of use, comfort and security, the 4 key requirements for any product in its category.

This particular piece comes with soft and sturdy handles, an incorporated urinal shield for obvious reasons and an ergonomic and appealing design. It is quite easy to use and even easier to clean and it sets out to become one of the most important additions to your child’s road to independence.

The Soft Grip Trainer is meant for toddlers of 18 months of age or older and it currently ranks as one of the most sought products of its type on the market.


5. The Mommy’s Helper – Potty Seat for KidsPotty Seat for Kids

There are few products in this category with a more suggestive name than this one. Literally, this is probably one of the best quality toilet seats you can get your hands on. And moms worldwide will probably agree after reading its specs.

The popular Mommy’s Helper comprises of two pieces: the actual seat and the outer support. The outer support, which is the innovative part, serves as a ladder, allowing your child to access adult toilets of higher heights. As you may understand, this is an invaluable addition to an already extremely well-designed piece.

The wide, non-slippery pads and the folds allowing for an easy storage make everything so much better. Is this a piece you need? There is no doubt about it.


6. The KidsKit – Potty Seat with LadderPotty Seat with Ladder

The hint is in the “kit”. This product comes as a package and it is probably the most impressive one you have ever seen. There are several parts to it that come together to make for one outstanding piece of toilet equipment.

The self-standing potty seat features a non-slip adaptable ladder that can be used both to support the seat on its own and secure it to adults’ toilet. It is this adaptability, combined with the superior quality of the product and top-notch manufacturing that makes such a powerful impression.

Not only that, but the colorful and playful design is an intense eye-catcher of immediate effect. KidsKit embodies everything you could have hoped for and more. It is one piece you need to own.


7. The Mayfair 183EC000 – Baby Potty SeatBaby Potty Seat

Ever thought you need both a toilet seat for your toddler and an upgrade of your adult one at the same time? Good, because this piece allows you to hit 2 birds with one stone. Meet the Mayfair 183EC 000, the next generation of child/adult toilet seats.

Aside from its obvious flexible applicability, what you also get is durability, comfort and innovation. The material is as solid as its construction, the bowls are elongated to fit the body perfectly and it is easy to clean and even easier and more comfortable to use.

The potty seat can be removed easily in case it needs cleaning and it seals magnetically with the cover. With such amazing flexibility and quality, this product nails innovation to perfection.


8. The Summer Infant – Lil’ Loo Travel Potty Seat for ToddlersLil’ Loo Travel Potty Seat for Toddlers

Right from the word go – this is the most popular bathroom-related pieces meant for children and infants. It literally has them all, from the most comfortable toilet seat to security, efficiency and a good-looking design.

The Lil’ Loo Potty has been created with toddlers in mind. The pot is easily removable, the back support is perfect for a plus of comfort and the splash guard helps to keep everything clean. It also doesn’t hurt that the visual appeal is there too, making toddlers’ toilet experience that much more delightful.

The quality is pristine and the overall look and feel match it completely. It is a top-tier piece that ranks among the best and most preferred by mothers worldwide and for good reasons.


9. The Primo – Portable Toilet Seat for ToddlerPortable Toilet Seat for Toddler

If you think the 4-in-1 part sounds interesting, that’s because it is interesting. This piece comes with multiple uses, taking things to a whole new level. It remains a toddler toilet seat, but it is, at the same time, so much more than that.

This product comes with a standalone potty, a tool for ease of use and a toilet seat reducer. The handles are perfect for delivering an extra layer of security and maneuverability. The quality of the material is top-notch. In reality, it doesn’t get any better than this.

As a final note, the Primo toilet seat comes as a highly adaptable piece, in which your child will grow up with. You can’t afford to miss it.

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Buying Guide of Toilet Seat – Find the Best for Your Baby

Let’s be frank here. The top quality toddler toilet seat needs to meet child’s needs, which is something that even the most advanced adult toilets can’t do. They are too high for them to be comfortable with, too big and too insecure. And there are plenty of models to choose from, according to your child’s requirements.

But how can you identify the perfect pieces versus the lower-quality ones? In this regard, we have several points to make:

  • Comfort – It needs to be of a fitting size, preferably with back support and a body-molded design
  • Durability and craftsmanship – The quality materials need to be of high-quality, the same as the craftsmanship itself
  • Security – Look for the presence of handles and a sturdy and adaptable design if possible
  • Appealing looks – The more colorful and beautiful it is, the easier it will be for the toddler to accommodate with it
  • Easy to clean and easy to store – Both aspects are very important for obvious reasons.

In the end, learning how to use the toilet on their own is an important part of toddlers’ life and products like these will teach them how to become independent faster.


How to Install the Toddler Toilet Seats

As you may know, toddler potties come in 2 forms:

  1. Stand-alone potty seats and
  2. Toilet adapting potty seats

The first type is the one that it’s most fit for toddlers in their early stages of their lives. They are easy to put together, as they have very few separate pieces and are equally easy to use. The second represents an upgrade, for kids who are now big enough to learn how to use the potty themselves.

Toilet adapting potty seats usually feature an accompanying ladder with built-in steps for increased ease of use. Putting everything together is by no means difficult. All you have to do is to fit the potty over the adult’s toilet seat and make sure the ladder won’t budge.

And, in the end, this is part of the charm when it comes to toddler toilet seats: they are equally easy to install as they are to use.


Potty Chair vs Potty Seat

The toddler toilet seat can come from either of these categories. There are clear differences between these two and what you will be choosing depends both on your preferences and your toddler’s.

But let’s break down the pros and cons of each.

Potty chair


  • Less intimidating as they remain at the toddler’s level
  • Easier to use overall
  • Fit for younger toddlers, who can’t handle the toilet on their own
  • Easier to store as they come with fewer pieces
  • Generally more secure


  • You have to manually dispose the waste

Potty seat


  • Adaptable – can be used for older toddlers as well
  • Teach the kids to manage themselves
  • No need to manually dispose the waste afterward because the best quality toilet fill valve is present there.
  • More visually appealing
  • Way easier to clean


  • More difficult to store, as they come with more additional parts

In the end, it matters less which is best in general, but what you actually need. Some children will prefer the chair, while others will take the seat. Experiment, see what’s best for your case in particular and go for it.


Final Thought

The best toddler toilet seat can come in many shapes and forms. What truly matters is finding one that meets your toddler’s needs. One that delivers comfort, security and ease of use.

And with such a large pool of products to choose from, there is no doubt, after visiting this site, you will find the perfect one for you and your munchkin in no time. So, do your homework, aim for quality, durability, visual appeal and flexibility and you can’t go wrong.

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