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So, you think it is an insignificant object in your daily life. Well, it is not all the time. When people like you are sensitive to normal tissues these best toilet paper for sensitive skin can save the day. I agree that sometimes it may be harder to find the right one for your skin type. That’s why I am here to ease your effort and did all the hard work to pick only the top products available in the market.

We only think of toilet paper when we actually need it and because of that we don’t tend to assign it with much importance. However, quality is essential and can actually make a world of difference. Today we are going to talk about toilet paper without chemicals, as well as about the best products in the business.


Comparison Table Among Best Toilet Papers

ImageNameSpecial FeaturePrice
Seventh Generation UnbleachedHypoallergenic toilet paper
Angel SoftNo additives & manufactured from pulp fiber
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush3 silky layers
Presto- Amazon BrandSeptic-safe
Charmin Ultra SoftUltra soft
Scott RapidBest for RVs, boats & buses
Georgia PacificBest for residence & office


Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin 2020 – In Depth Reviews

1. Charmin Ultra – Gentle Toilet PaperGentle Toilet Paper

A durable, absorbent and ultra-strong toilet paper from Charmin.

Charmin Ultra is one of the renowned brands in this segment that has gained the faith of customers by providing quality products at an affordable price. This toilet paper is extra smooth and provides you an optimum performance even in wet condition.

Another good thing is it won’t clog your toilet even if you throw them excessively in the toilet. People want to get a medical proof when it is associated with their skin. This tissue is dermatologically tested and comes with anti-septic feature. Recently, the company reduces the size of each ply marginally but that’s not a big deal especially when the quality remains superior. As a matter of fact, the reduced size increases the portability of the pack.


2. Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll – Best Soft Toilet PaperBest Soft Toilet Paper

This piece is your money saver besides being your skin saver! Another masterpiece by Charmin Ultra that is non-irritating even to the most sensitive skin. The toilet paper comes in Mega Roll that can serve many days hence saving you money. So, in terms of both quality and quantity I keep on top of my ‘to purchase’ list.

Because of the way it has been manufactured, Charmin Ultra Soft definitely exceeds expectations. It is superior in quality to most of the products on the market. Charmin Ultra Soft 2-ply toilet paper is probably one of the softest and most comfortable ever made.


3. Quilted Northern – Ultra Plus Toilet PaperUltra Plus Toilet Paper

If you are a fan of premium quality toilet paper that is manufactured for sensitive skin type then Quilted Northern Ultra Plush is your best option.

Each ply comes with three layers of silk that delivers extreme softness. I know you are thinking that will it flush out properly? Don’t worry it is easily flushable and safe for your septic tank. You will love the strength of the tissue even in wet condition. This toilet paper is SFI certified which means it dissolves very quickly when in water. Quilted Ultra plush has a phenomenal track record of delivering top most quality and it is lovable to those who need special care for their skin. Definitely worth every penny.


4. Scott Rapid – Dissolving Toilet PaperDissolving Toilet Paper

Scott has a proud history of manufacturing environmental-friendly products. Scott Rapid toilet paper is a recent addition to their quality base. The best part of this tissue is it dissolves significantly faster than other similar category tissues.

That is why it is a good option if you want to keep your toilet flushing system functional for long period. People who love to travel by RV’s or boats are a fan of Scott Rapid just for its quick dissolving quality.

This toilet tissue is 1-ply but that doesn’t reduce the strength of it. All in all, it is a loving piece for families who take of care of their surroundings.


5. Georgia Pacific 1988001 – Professional Toilet Paper Professional Toilet Paper

Who ever thought that a toilet tissue roll for sensitive skin would be perfect for commercial scale of use? Georgia Pacific just brings that to the table. The quantity (550 perforated sheets) is more than enough for cost-effectiveness if you want to use in office or any other public facilities.

Georgia uses recycled fiber content during the manufacturing process of this toilet paper. This makes the tissue compliant to EPA standards.

Besides, the tissue is gentle on the skin with great absorbent capability. It is a great choice for organizations who think about every tiny thing to save the environment.


6. Cottonelle Gentle Care – Best Septic Safe Toilet PaperBest Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Cottonelle Gentle brings you a cushiony effect while you take care of your private part. This is very much conducive to your sensitive skin as it is enriched with Aloe Vera extract. Not only this toilet paper delivers a soft feel but also it nourishes the skin.

Cottonelle makes sure that the tissue they manufacture is dermatologically tested before going to the market. It is non-fragrant and friendly to your septic tank. You will get 48 double rolls with a budget you would love.


7. Seventh Generation Unbleached – Best Hypoallergenic Toilet PaperBest Hypoallergenic Toilet Paper

As the name suggests, Seventh Generation toilet paper is dye free that makes it a perfect choice for your sensitive skin. This toilet tissue is also hypoallergenic and offers supreme delicacy. Due to the delicate built Seventh Generation toilet paper is easily usable if you have low-flow toilets.

You don’t need to worry about clogging at all. The pack will give you 48 double rolls which can be considered as a great value addition for family use.


8. Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care – Most Comfortable Toilet PaperMost Comfortable Toilet Paper

What would be your natural reaction when you know that there is a toilet tissue for sensitive skin which is 3 times thicker, stronger and absorbent? Yeah, like me you will want to buy more of it. That is why Cottonelle ultra comfort gets very much popularity.

More absorbent quality means you will be able to clean things more comprehensively than ever. The clean ripple texture is environment friendly and a great value addition for your family. Each ply of this 36 family rolls pack is built to deliver quality, soft & premium feeling.


9. Charmin Ultra – Strong Bath TissueStrong Bath Tissue

We have a general perception that stronger products can’t provide a soft feel on the sensitive skin. Well, that is not always true. Charmin ultra strong toilet paper is here to break your wrong conception.

This toilet paper is strong meaning that it will not tear easily even in wet conditions. Charmin ultra sets a standard in the industry in terms of strength and quality that is hard to break.

This pack of Charmin will give you 6 mega rolls of high-quality toilet paper at an affordable price. As the tissue is friendly to your septic tank and clog safe you can use this with your tankless toilets.

You can actually use these top products in traditional toilets and more advanced tankless toilets.


Buying Guide to the Best Toilet Papers for Sensitive Skin

Buying Guide to the Best Toilet Papers for Sensitive Skin

I admit that it is a tough ask to guide people for buying toilet papers especially for sensitive skin. Because, each person is different in terms of skin type, taste & style. Some may like the scented one while others prefer unscented one.

However, after thorough research on customer behavior pattern I have found that there are some specific features that must be present in the toilet paper you choose. And yes, this is for your own safety.

  • Unbleached toilet paper: It is also known as chlorine-free. Chlorine is not environmentally friendly, so you might want to avoid that altogether.
  • Environment-friendly: Toilet papers that are made of recycled fiber are more environment-friendly. Those are easily dissolvable hence recycling is easier as well.
  • The number of sheets: This is pretty much a no-brainer, because the more bath tissues you get for the same price, the better.
  • Strength and tear resistant: This usually comes with multiple layers being added to its construction, but not necessarily. Check for the material durability and quality, among other features.
  • Hypoallergenic material: You have to be very careful about what you choose, if you have a sensitive skin then you need to find the best toilet paper for allergies, as many products contain dies and artificial scents.

With these criteria in mind, you are bound to make a more educated and better choice.


Can You Be Allergic to Toilet Paper?

Aww…that’s an awkward question! But the sad reality is I know quite a few people who are suffering from this problem. So, if you have that extra sensitive skin you must be careful in choosing the toilet paper brand.

If your preferred tissue is colorful that means it is not chemical free. Besides, you may be a fan of the scented toilet paper which is not chemical free either. These chemicals have the potential to cause allergy to your skin. It is advisable to avoid such tissue brands if you have sensitive skin.

Manufacturing process of toilet tissue is a complex one where involvement of various chemical substances is almost inevitable. These chemicals are used to make toilet papers soft, strong and fluffy. Expensive brands use more chemicals—so, you know what I mean; it is probably a better choice to avoid those expensive brands if you are allergic to toilet papers.

What if you are already affected by allergy? Simple, stop using the toilet paper right now. Don’t just rely on different topical medicines. Alternatively, you can use hypoallergenic toilet paper. The same goes true for your bath tissue as well.  You should use the bath tissues after a refreshing bath in your best deep soaking tub.


How to Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls

This might be an interesting idea to most people, but it is quite an ingenious one, as a matter of fact. Why through away your toilet paper rolls, when you can reinvent and recycle them in imaginative ways?

Aside from being environmentally friendly, you will also have the chance to let test your skills and creativity. Here are some useful ideas regarding toilet paper roll crafts:

  • Christmas decorations: In this regard, sky is the limit. The toilet roll can be painted, modified and decorated according to your desires with great ease.
  • Wall art: You would be amazed at how creative the results can be. Your home wall will a get a totally new look.
  • Lamp shades: Toilet rolls are the cheaper, homemade version of the more expensive lamp shades.

In essence, there is no limit to the ways you can reuse toilet rolls.


How to Fold Toilet Paper

How to Fold Toilet Paper

Not many people think about how to fold their toilet paper.  Folding your toilet paper can actually contribute to the aesthetics of your bathroom and can make quite an impression. Besides you can use rolled paper in your beautiful RV toilet as well.
And, yes, there is an actual science behind it, so let’s have a look at the options you have:

  • The triangle: This is by far the most common and simplest type of folding toilet paper. Used by most people, it is both simple and visually effective.
  • The pleat: This one is more difficult to achieve, requiring more work and attention to details. But the result is definitely worth it.
  • The basket: It is not as hard to accomplish as it sounds and, despite being rarer, it has a powerful visual punch.
  • The pleated tuck: This one relies on removing a sheet, folding it and using it as a decoration to an already existent diamond or basket fold.

Who said you can’t be inventive with your toilet paper?


Final Verdict

As a user, you have the ultimate freedom to choose the right toilet tissue for you. These tissues come in various sizes, models and colors and with plenty of features. It is extremely important to choose that which suits you best.

One of the most important aspects is going for a toilet paper without chemicals. This will prevent skin irritations from occurring or protect already irritated skin against aggravations.

It is also important to have that soothing feel, along with the resistance and efficiency that every sensitive skin toilet paper needs to have. And, in terms of education, this review is a good starting point.

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