Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet – 41541

A call of nature is inevitable regardless of where you are. That includes when you are out on the boat and there are no toilets in sight. Such an occurrence is probably what holds some people back from going out boating.

It can get trickier when you have carried your children along especially because they can’t hold the call for long. Don’t fret; you can always get a portable toilet for such unavoidable moments that can be installed in boats, RVs and camps.



Whether you are boating alone or with friends, you want a toilet that will take care of all your toilet needs. The Camco 41541 portable toilet is built to ensure that you do your business with optimal hygienic conditions. The following features are what make it ideal for your next trips with friends and family.

Good Sanitation Ability

It has a sealing slide valve that is located between the waste tank and toilet bowl. Thus, there is no splash back experienced at the time of flushing the toilet. It also completely seals the waste tank to ensure that odor is locked away as well as preventing leakage. This portable toilet is fitted with a tight-sealing removable cap at the back of the waste tank to make emptying the waste easy.

In addition, it comes with a TST biodegradable toilet chemical to keep the bowl clean and fresh just like the composting toilet. The chemicals also work well in dissolving the waste which further eases emptying.

 Large Capacity

With the waste tank having a capacity of 5.3 gallons, the Camco 41541 model is one of the portable toilets that come with a large waste holding capacity. This volume allows the toilet to be used for a relatively long period before emptying. Approximately four to five people can conveniently use it for a whole day. The fresh water tank is also relatively large with a capacity of 2.5 gallons.

 Easily Portable

When empty, it weighs only 11lb which makes it easy to transport single-handedly. It is fitted with strong carrying handles on both the waste and fresh water tank. This makes it easier to carry around. The waste tank is also detachable from the seat and fresh water tank.

 Good Stability

Though lightweight, the Camco portable toilet is very stable, strong, and can support a weight of up to 330lbs. The waste tank and fresh water tank are secured with side latches to make them hold firmly together for added stability.

With a dimension of 11.5″ x 14″ x 16″, this model provides good stability and comfort. It almost feels like sitting on a toilet at home.

 Durable Design

The toilet is made using a compact polyethylene material. This gives it a sturdy build that helps prolong its shelf life.



  • Odors are kept at bay with the sliding valve and TST biodegradable toilet chemical that comes with it
  • Its smooth design makes cleaning and maintenance quite easy
  • The screw cap on the fresh water tank makes refilling easy while the one at the back of the waste tank makes emptying easy
  • Easy to use and operate even by children
  • Its waste tank’s large capacity makes it ideal for use in long boating trips



  • The slim and small build cannot accommodate a person with a large body size
  • Several flashes are required to empty the bowl with the type of flushing it has.
  • At six inches deep, the bowl is a bit shallow
  • The 2.5-gallon clean water tank may need regular refilling if several people are using it


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How convenient is it to carry the waste tank when full? Also, is there a need to worry about the contents splashing out?

A: The waste tank is fitted with a handle, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it in a hugging style. Also, there is a valve as well as a cap that closes tightly to ensure that the contents stay inside. The only time you will see the waste is when you unscrew the cap for emptying.

Q: What type of toilet paper should I use for this toilet to ensure that it does not clog?

A: It is advisable to use a soft toilet paper because it easily dissolves. This way, you will avoid clogging the damp hole as unclogging it will waste some of your precious time. Luckily, these toilet papers are readily available in various stores.


Final Thoughts

When buying a portable toilet for your boat, the topmost features to look for are the ease of use and maintenance. As mentioned above, the Camco 41541 model comes with both of them.

It features a good design, and the parts attach to each other tightly to make sure that water and waste stay in their designated tanks, unlike tankless toilets. Not many portable toilets promise the level of hygiene that comes with it. This would make a great choice for you and your family.

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