Delta Foundations Roman Tub Trim, Model- BT2796

The Roman drainage system was probably the most important invention that has shaped the future of our societies. Of course, they knew what they were doing. They also had the best bathtub faucets, hence the name – Delta Foundations Roman Tub Trim.

Also, it is important to remember that the Romans were stylish, without cutting any corners when it came down to efficiency. This tells you all you need to know about the Roman Tub Trim. But let’s expand on that for a moment.


About the Delta Foundations Roman Tub Trim

We know mainly 3 things:

  • There is no excuse for cutting on quality, no matter the reason
  • The design is what transforms the trivial into a marvel
  • Innovation is the key to everything

This brings us to this outstanding piece and here is what makes it so great:

The  Breathtaking Design

Despite the fact of delivering an apparently rudimentary design, the truth is far from that. This is virtually a piece of art.

The traditional-looking design fits within any setting, whether it is classic or more modern, with the chrome finishing doing all the work, along with the smooth and sexy outline.

Incomparable Effectiveness

First of all, the BT2796 Roman Tub Trim has a7 11/16-Inch long, 7 5/16-Inch high spout, which is, in and of itself, a major plus.

Low spouts are mainly avoided, because of the short water arch and the fact that it impends the user’s movements. But that is not what I mean by “incomparable effectiveness”.

What that refers to is the overflow capacity, which goes between 1.5 gallons / minute and 3 gallons / minute, in a water system allowing for values of 45 PSI. This is more than anything you can experience with your regular every day faucet.

The Rich Finish

BT2796 Roman Tub Trim is enriched with the DIAMOND Seal Technology, featuring a texture that really catches the eye. This makes for a classy look that satisfies even the most pretentious tastes.


The Pros and Cons

This is definitely an upgrade to whatever you might possess right now.BT2796 Roman Tub Trim is part of the next-gen category of faucets, both when talking about the visual impact, and when discussing the overall durability or the proficiency.

In all senses, this should be a lifetime purchase, no questions about it. But before we draw the line and see what is the definitive conclusion, let’s focus on the users’s thought about it.


The high arch of the spout

A definite plus, noticed by a lot of users. The high spout works great with larger sinks and it can even be a plus in the case of the smaller ones.

Extremely durable

Thanks to the brass construction, the BT2796 Roman Tub Trim has been practically built for a lifetime.

Easy to install

No need for a plumber, except maybe if you don’t want to get dirty yourself. Otherwise, you can do the job on your own with great ease.+

Adds value with its looks

The design alone is enough for this piece to enlighten your entire bathroom or kitchen.


The rough comes separately – Yeah, this is a real bummer. The rough needs to be purchased separately.

The overall feel

As a general feel, the BT2796 Roman Tub Trim performs great and there are virtually no problems with its integrity, efficiency or with its design. It is a solid piece, made to last for years and it provides a distinct American feel, mixed with some classic influences that definitely feel satisfying.

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Q: Is the overflow level satisfying enough?

It goes, generally for 1.5 gallons / minute and can reach up to 3 gallons / minute

Q: Can I attach a hand shower in case of need?

The BT2796 Roman Tub Trim has a threading specifically designed for that purpose in particular, so yes, you can if you need to.

Q: Is it as durable and as solid as it seems?

Yes, and this is not something to argue about. Roman Tub Trim is made to last and it will probably have a lifespan more than yours.

Q: Will the finishing peel off in time?

Highly unlikely, because the chrome polishing is extremely well done, so this is a risk you can safely ignore.


Final Note: Is this one for you?

Delta Foundations Roman Tub Trim rates the highest in all fields, which recommends it as one of the best products currently available on the market.

It is definitely worth a buy and it has the potential to become one of the best brands out there.

Ethan has been working on the 'Home Renovation' niche for the last decade. He always admires the minimalist design and architectural efficiency. A father of two and an awesome writer.

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