DreamSpa AquaFan LED Shower Head

Taking showers is a daily ritual to maintain one’s cleanliness. However, showers are also therapeutic. It provides plenty of benefits to your body. No matter the time of the day, a warm shower will always be a welcome treat.

Now, it’s possible to enjoy a spa-like experience in the shower with the help of high pressure rain showerhead.  There are many showerheads available in the market today. However, the DreamSpa AquaFan is the best illuminated shower head there is on the market.



Like any other quality shower heads in the market, the AquaFan is filled with amazing features to help make your shower experience enjoyable. As an LED shower head, it transforms your dull shower moments into a magical activity with its range of changing colors. Not only that, but it also offers several other benefits and features like the ones listed below.

 Rain Showerhead

The DreamSpa AquaFan provides a steady flow of soothing water from directly above your head. Its elegant 12-inch curved fan design is wide enough to provide you with better coverage. Water flows down evenly and lightly, thus making you shower without too much moving or squirming.

Its 123 rub-free jets generate the drenching rainfall shower experience. These jets simultaneously release water at a consistently high-power flow rate. As such, you can expect to get that invigorating feeling of showering under a high velocity showerhead. Additionally, it is angle-adjustable as you can change the direction and flow of the water to suit your needs.

Built-in Water Temperature Sensor

As a fixed-mount showerhead, it features a large built-in LCD screen that tells you the water temperature by changing its color. The colors are blue (cool, 95°F), green (warm, 95-109°F), red (Hot, 109-122°F), and flashing red (warning, above 122°F).

Changes in the displayed color will let you know when it is time to make adjustments to your water temperature setting.

 Powered by Running Water

No batteries are needed to power the DreamSpa AquaFan. It continues to display colors based on your water temperature. Since it’s powered by running water, you don’t have to worry about any additional monthly electricity bills.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing this shower head is very easy in that you do not need any tools. All you need to do is simply remove your old showerhead. If the need arises, you may have to apply a plumber’s tape. Basically, no professional plumbers, tools, or extra parts are needed. An installation manual also comes with the product for your easy reference.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the showerhead is a breeze.  You can easily remove the dirt with an old toothbrush or rag. If you prefer, you can also do a hanging soak by filling a plastic bag with vinegar. You then attach the bag to the shower head with a rubber band or tape. Let it soak away for two hours. Afterward, run hot water to rinse.



  • Water flows down in an even stream like that of a natural rainfall
  • Leaves both your hands free for a more thorough shower experience
  • Smooth rain-like streams of water offer a different level of relaxation to the user
  • Conserves water since you can wash up and rinse off all parts of your body at once
  • Quick and easy to install; no need for tools or the help of a professional plumber
  • Comes with a limited one-year warranty



  • The water flow intensity and consistency may be affected if water pressure from the source is not good
  • Needs a shower area proportionate to your shower head to avoid flooding your bathroom/shower room


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will it fit any shower?

A: Yes, the DreamSpa AquaFan LED shower head will fit any shower with a standard-sized pipe.

Q: Can I turn off the lights when I want to?

A: No, you can’t. The lights work every time water passes through it. The lights only turn off when it’s not in use.

Q: Does the DreamSpa AquaFan LED shower head work with the gooseneck connector?

A: Yes. In fact, this showerhead is so versatile that it works with almost any kind of connector.

Q: My showerhead sometimes makes a whining sound when the water is flowing. How do I correct this?

A: The sound is possibly caused by your water pressure. Some of the satisfied users advise taking out the water flow regulator.


Final Verdict

If you like taking showers in the rain, you know how soothing and relaxing it can be. The best way to capture that experience is by using the best showerhead on the market. The DreamSpa AquaFan is one of the best LED shower heads today. With this showerhead, every shower you take is a luxurious yet comforting dream-spa experience. Even more, all of these are achieved in the comfort of your own home.

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