Frontpet Foldable Dog Bathing Pool

What is the best way to bathe your dog?

Check out this apparently complex question with a ridiculously easy answer. Whenever people stumble across this problem, they immediately begin thinking about different dog bathtubs with straps or leashes included, deep enough to keep the pet from falling over and secure enough to forbid it from leaving.

Bathing your dog is very hard because they are reluctant to go to the water. That is only true if you don’t know how to approach things. Here is a brilliant idea – The Frontpet Dog Pool.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. What I am trying to say is that the best way to bathe a dog is to let it bathe itself.  You can’t beat that.


Key features

There is no better way to compel your dog to have a bath than to make it all a game. This is what this Dog Tub delivers. This is not a classic bathtub, but a mini-pool especially designed for pets and if I was to look for the perfect word describing it, that would be “freedom”.

Your dog will have all the freedom in the world to enjoy the bath as it pleases, saving you a lot of time and headaches. Here is what makes this piece preferable to the classic bathtubs:

Frontpet Dog Bathtub is foldable

Unlike the heavy, sturdy and rigid pet bathtubs, the Frontpet Pool can be drained, folded up and transport it in your bag, anywhere you need it. You can place it mostly anywhere, probably excepting indoors and your dog will have a blast with it.

Larger than anything else

There is no classic bathtub you can buy to even come close to these dimensions. You have three available sizes and the largest type can probably accommodate four or more medium sized breed dogs.

Stability comes natural

This dog tub has no legs to stand on. It is at floor level, which means that imbalance will never be a problem.

More durable overall

The problem with regular pet bathtubs is that they are made out of rigid material, having a lot of joints and support points. This means that, in time, the whole structure will begin to loosen up, as your dog will move in it, putting pressure on the joints. This dog pool avoids that problem, as it is constructed of PVC, as well as thanks to not having any type of joint connections.

Better than a regular bathtub and a pool combined

The Frontpet Dog Pool is not really a pool, in the sense that you don’t need to inflate it. The item is made out of paneled segments and all you need to do is to unfold it and fill it with water. Doesn’t get any easier than this.


Technical specifications

Here is some basic information so you know what to expect:

  • Three different sizes available: small (for small pets, 8 inches deep only), large (50 inches in diameter, 12 inches deep, could fit two medium sized dogs), extra large (60 inches in diameter, 12 inches deep, large enough for four or five medium sized dogs)
  • Has a drain plug, for emptying it with ease
  • Resilient bottom material, to prevent puncturing or ripping
  • Foldable
  • Extra durable PVC made, for long lasting properties
  • Ultra light – only 14.8 pounds for the extra large one

In my book, you can’t beat this.


What else should I know?

Q: Can I use it indoor?

A: Sure you can. I won’t advise it, though. Just picture all the splashing as your dog goes in and out every second.

Q: Can I use it for cats?

A: Absolutely. In that case you will probably need the small one.

Q: Is it cheaper than classic bathtubs?

A: It is actually quite a lot cheaper.


Final Notes

If you ask me, the Frontpet Dog Bathtub is perfect for pet owners who don’t want to spend time personally bathing their dogs. Just install the pool and let your pet have the time of its life. Let me know when you can find something more advantageous than this.

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