GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Machine Washable Bath Mat

I know you have a lot of questions. I mean, what is it that makes this piece the best bathtub mat? This is probably what goes through everyone’s mind and it is understandable. But then you remember how you feel when taking a bath or even a shower and you definitely understand what this GORILLA GRIP Bath Mat is all about.

We are talking about the increase in security since the GORILLA GRIP Bath Mat works in two ways:

  • Delivers comfort
  • Provides an anti-slippery surface

The second point, in particular, is extremely important because this is what makes people buy it in the first place. Bathtubs are generally extremely slippery and it usually doesn’t matter what stance you are resorting to, whether you are standing or laying on your back. This means that something like the GORILLA GRIP Bath Mat comes in as a pretty sought after piece and there are a lot of reasons for that, aside from the no. 2 I already gave you.

So, those reasons are:


Key Features: You Need to know the Followings

The GORILLA GRIP Bath Mat beats its competition by adding several features that may not be present in other products of its category. Such as:

More suction cups for an increased grip power

The problem with other similar products is that, in some cases, they lack the proper distribution of suction cups over the entire surface. This means that the grip will be a lot weaker, making you prone to slipping and falling. Not a good prospect.

This Bath Mat comes with different sized suction cups, for extra efficiency and for increased grip power on any type of surface, no matter how smooth or slippery.

Increased size

This is a major problem for a lot of bath mats because being shorter or narrower will eventually affect the quality of the bathing session. You need your bath mat to be long and wide enough to cover as much of the bathtub as possible and this bath mat does just that, with extreme efficiency.

Due to its 35” x 16” size, it goes without saying that you will have little problems in this regard when using it.

 You can wash it automatically

This is another big plus. Machine-washable bath mats don’t come everywhere, which makes you value this one a lot more. No need for hand washing, especially when you have little to no time to do that. Just throw it in the washing machine and everything will be sorted out by itself.

Bacterial proof

This is a particularly important aspect because the property of being anti-bacterial is usually an undervalued feature. Bacteria usually thrive in a moist and wet environment which goes to say that bath mats will fit right into this description. Fortunately, this mat is bacterial proof and that is not all.

It is also mold resistant, free of any unwanted and unpleasant odors and it is BPA free and made out of a non-toxic material.

Does not hold water

Which is a very good thing. It is always a drag to see bath mats blocking the stream of water and causing it to accumulate in different places. Aside from being annoying, it is also a dangerous feature, because it allows for mildew to form.

GORILLA GRIP Bath Mat, however, intelligently avoids all that problems, simply by featuring strategically placed holes in the material, allowing for the water to circulate freely and avoiding the unwanted residual accumulation


Why Do People Like It?

The fact that people like it is an understatement. People love GORILLA GRIP Bath Mat. I believe it is one of those products that rank high among the users’ preferences and there are plenty of reasons for that. Here are the most mentioned ones:

GORILLA GRIP Bath Mat beats its competition in size

Most of the bath mats you will get are either too short, or too narrow. Either way, not something that most of the users want. And, considering the positive response this bath mat has gained, I believe it is safe to say that this one takes the cake. In a good way.


What this means is that you can use the the mat in both your personal bathroom and in gyms or spas, depending on your needs. Just fold it in and take it with you wherever you might need it. It will perform flawlessly, regardless of the location.

It works just as good on tilt surfaces

This is a major concern for people who are looking to purchase a bath mat. Not all bathtubs have flat surfaces. Some are gently tilted, which could affect the quality and the strength of the grip. But, since we are talking about the GORILLA GRIP Bath Mat, the hint is visible in the name itself.

It is safe

We are talking about the bathroom safety aspect in terms of lacking any adverse effects, related to bacteria accumulation, toxic effects or anything in between. Luckily, this bath mat is 100% safe. An important addition if you think that any bath mat needs to reach this level of safety because many people bathe their infants in the same bathtub.

 It feels good and steady

The comfort is definitely a large part of the process. This piece excels in providing the user with an undisputed feeling of comfort and stability.


Should You Get It?

I don’t think there is anyone who could claim that you shouldn’t. You don’t need to trust me on my word. Go check it for yourself. I doubt you can find any reason why you should not buy it.

The price? Nope, the price is one of its fortes.

Bottom line is – Go get it!

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