How to Bathe a Cat in the Tub

I know what you are thinking – cats don’t need baths. For the most cases, that is correct. Cats usually self-groom, which means there is nothing much you need to do about it. But, then again, there are some cases when you need to intervene.

Whether you possess a show cat, a fatty one or simply a specimen belonging to a race for which the grooming is a bit more difficult, bathing is definitely a must. And you have to know how to proceed in doing so because the process could become a bit tricky in some cases.


Procedures to Bathe a Cat

Treat with caution

Obviously, bathing a cat is somewhat of an extreme sport in many situations. Cats are not so fond of water, everybody knows that. This only means one thing: always use a bathtub.

A lot of people would bathe their cats in the backyard, using a hose and some shampoos. That becomes quite a problem when the feline will begin scratching and trying to run. It is not as efficient as you might think.

The single most effective way to give your cat a good and efficient bathing is to resort to pet bathtubs. Here is why.

Stress control, efficiency and lots of fun

Cat bathtubs can negate a lot of the problems that may occur during the process. A bathtub will give you a larger degree of control, because you can set the level of water according to the animal’s needs, as well as the temperature.

But isn’t that enough with a regular bath as well? Well, actually no, for several reasons. But just to make sure you completely understand what we are talking about, we are going to discuss about the crucial differences between a regular bathtub and one designed specifically for pets. The major differences are that bathtubs:

  • Spare you of a lot of backaches, because of the uncomfortable position you need to take when using your regular bathtub. No more bending over to clean your pet.
  • Eliminate problems with the drainage being choked by hair
  • They can be adjusted to accommodate your pet’s space needs
  • Easy to clean after the bathing time is over
  • No more splashing water all over the bathroom, thanks to the ergonomic design
  • Less stress for the animal, less headaches and scratching for you

Cat bathtubs come in various sizes, depending on what type of cat you have, which means that one designed for cats will be a lot smaller than those meant for your baby. Moreover, baby bathtubs have several modifications as per the paretn’s convenience.

Cats will love it

There is no question about it, having a bathtub will make for 60% of your efforts of cleaning your cat. All you need is a bit of time for your feline to get used to the environment and then the process will become easier with each use.

Your cat will stop panicking as it does when immersing it in a full sized bathtub, because now the space is a lot smaller and secure. Your feline will have a great time using it and it will experience a lot less stress as the fear factor will decrease considerably.


Is The Investment Worth It?

If you want what’s best for your cat, of course, it is. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and it is worth every penny. The benefits are there, no doubt about it and you will experience them just as much as your gorgeous feline. Besides, you can use it as a grooming tub for dogs.

It just makes everything so easy and secure that you will soon want one for your other pets too.

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