How to Fix a Bathtub Faucet Diverter

Fixing a bathtub faucet diverter is not always a difficult task because sometimes the problem is really minor. If you can identify the problem right away there are at least 50% chance that you can fix it by your own. In this article I am going to teach you how you can fix a bathtub faucet diverter without calling a professional every time.

Issues Happen with Faucet

But before you get to work, you need to know what problems you might encounter. There are generally two main issues that will occur in time with bathtub faucets.


If you know how a diverter works, you know that blockages are pretty easy to come by. But, fortunately, fix is equally easy.

Rust accumulation

This will usually happen in time, as the metal corrodes on the inside, causing your faucet to malfunction. This problem is a bit trickier and you might want to consider buying a new piece.


Steps to Fix the Faucet Diverter

Once you have identified the problem just follow some simple steps to fix the shower faucet. If you can fix the faucet by your own it will increase the efficiency of the faucet and keep it in good condition for longer period of time.

Stop the water flow

You might think that cutting the water when working on the faucet diverter is common sense. Yet a lot of people tend to forget, especially when the water is only dripping, or when the diverter is jammed, holding the water altogether. So, never forget to cut the water flow in advance.

Seal shut the drain

This is something that almost everybody overlooks. Because this is less common sense and more of a rational reasoning. In most cases, the bathtub faucet is located precisely on top of the drain. As a consequence, dirty residues will clog your faucet. But worry not! You can avoid this kind of clogging by applying waxless seals for toilet.

Remove the faucet knob

Although you need brute strength to remove it, in most cases, you need to pay attention to the delicate tiles and the bathtub surface underneath. You may not want to cause additional damages in the process. Try performing the operation with great care.

Remove the diverter valve inside

Check the rubber washers and see if they need replacement. If not, just thoroughly clean the surrounding area, removing everything you see as residual surplus.

Put everything back together

As the cleaning operation ended, put everything back in its place and you are good to go to have a perfect shower.


Final Notes

Now you see that fixing the bathtub faucet diverter is not a tough ask even if you do it without the help of a professional. You just need to identify the problem– the rest are just applying common sense and basic plumbing work. One thing you should keep in mind that if your faucet diverter is malfunctioned due to corrosion you need to replace it altogether.

In that case, it is way easier and cheaper to just go buy a new one and replace the whole deal. But as long as you can repair it, why spend money on that?

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