How to Remodel A Bathroom

I doubt there is anyone on the face of the earth who has a bathroom and doesn’t think it needs to improve it one way or the other. However, knowing that it needs improvement and knowing what type of improvements it needs are 2 different things. Which is why I am here.

Do you know what exactly you need to do to successfully remodel your bathroom top to bottom? And, even more, how to do so in the most optimal way? Don’t worry, we will talk about all these aspects.


Aspects of Bathroom Remodeling

Before jumping in the midst of it, you need to know that remodeling refers to 2 different aspects:

  • Improve the design, the overall looks
  • Enhance the functionality

And I will detail on what these 2 aspects right now. Starting with the first one.

1. Improve the bathroom looks

The design is important throughout our household and it isn’t any different when talking about bathrooms either. If you are determined to breathe new life into your bathroom’s look, you should do the following:

  • Change the floor tiles – You can match them with your rain showerhead, with the bathroom pieces, the walls or whatever reference point you might think it fits.
  • Repaint the entire bathroom – People tend to think wall painting doesn’t hold too much of an impact when talking about design appeal. And they are clearly wrong. You can easily test that theory by repainting your bathroom to give it a fresh, new look.
  • Replace bathroom walls – No, we are not talking about extensive construction changes, but about drywall. Drywalls can certainly play a visual role, aside from their undisputed functionality linked to keeping moisture away from infiltrating the walls.
  • Shower curtains – Something as small and as petty as a shower curtain can have a significant visual impact. Especially when considering the vast array of models at your disposal.

2. Upgrade the functionality

Here we have several things we need to go through:

  • A new bathtub – I agree, this is a large investment. But it is well worth it. Whether you need it to be more spacious, more durable or good looking or even more comfortable, this will definitely be a lifetime investment. And here I have gathered some of the best bathtub reviews for you.
  • A new showering system – You can get your new shower head with the slow flow mechanism for water saving, or perhaps a high pressure rain shower head, delivering staggering volumes of water during your showering experiences. Whatever your preferences are, this is the high time to bring them to life.
  • A new toilet – There are countless models of flushing toilets, with different degrees of utility and with different working mechanisms. Dual-flush toilets, for instance, come with the possibility to only partially flush your toilet, depending on your needs. Or maybe you want a smart bidet toilet seat instead, for obvious reasons.
  • Fixing and repairing – Remodeling has to include repairing whatever goes wrong in the bathroom. Whether you talk about malfunctioning drains, leaking toilets or broken fill valves, everything needs to work perfectly if you are to improve your life considerably. And you should start with repairing when remodeling the bathroom.
  • Non-slippery surfaces – We are talking about both the bathroom floor and that of the bathtub. Whenever these surfaces get wet, there is always the risk of slipping and breaking something when you fall. This is why you absolutely need a nonskid bath mat to solve the issue right from the get-go. Also, they will look nice and dandy too.
  • Expand your storage – Every bathroom needs to have storage for a lot of things: towels, shampoo and shower gel bottles, toothpaste and toothbrush supports and so on. This means that you need to use the space you have efficiently when remodeling your bathroom. Just as you would do with any other room in your house.


Change Everything Now

The thing with remodeling is that not only it allows you to optimize and improve in terms of efficiency, but it also supports design improvements along the way. You need to tackle the problem on all accounts if you are looking for the maximum effect. Remodeling doesn’t need to be all over the top.

A small thing here, another there and your bathroom will look completely changed even before you know it. You don’t need to do it all at once. Take your time, think the problem through and make the best decisions you can, based on what you need and what you would like.

I have set the standards for you, you can handle the rest.

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