KOHLER Villager Bathtub with Left-Hand Drain

One bathtub for a lifetime.

This is the perfect description for the KOHLER Villager bathtub. With so many options out there, it comes perfectly natural to wonder what is it that makes for a quality bathtub? What do you need to keep an eye out for, when going for a purchase and what are the pros and cons that define each piece in particular?

Knowing all this stuff is what helps you in making an educated choice because let’s be honest here, a bathtub should be a lifetime investment. Who goes around buying one each month? This means that it is in your interest in buying the best piece.

Which brings us to KOHLER Villager and to the reason why this one is considered to rank among the best bathtubs currently on the market?

Here is why.


KOHLER Villager bathtub is all about quality

It is not often that you see products sacrificing the quality for looks. It goes the same in the plumbing industry and this tendency can work for so long. The users will always value quality above everything else and trying to distract them won’t work.

This bathtub aims at delivering quality above everything else and it clearly outweighs a lot of the similar products currently on display. And that is true for several reasons:

The anti-slippery finish

Usually, bathtubs don’t come up with that type of feature. You either need to purchase a mat to eliminate the risk of slipping and sliding on the bath pool or you won’t have any protective mechanism. It has a slip-resistant finish that greatly increases the feeling of safety, allowing you to stand and sit, without losing your balance all the time.

This is something that you won’t see in most bathtubs you could buy.

Cast iron made

Why is this aspect important? Because cast iron is superior to steel in two aspects:

Cast iron maintains water temperature a lot better
It is more durable on the long run

The fact that cast iron maintains the water temperature better is a huge plus for those enjoying long and warm baths, without having to worry about the water getting cold and spoiling their mood.

Its proved durability is also a plus, because, as I’ve said previously, you need to buy the bathtub for a lifetime.

Easy to install

Thanks to the integral apron construction which makes it very easy to install, meaning that you won’t necessarily need a plumber to do it. Most of the other brands come with demanding pieces, forcing you to call for professional help to get things done. And since the installation process takes longer and it is more complicated, you eventually end up spending more money than you originally intended to.

Beautiful and subtle design

KOHLER Villager cuts no corners when it comes to looks either. Fortunately, the beautiful and minimalistic look adds up to the overall efficiency, as well as to the quality provided.

Great overall experience

Thanks to the great design, the material being used, the fact that it has an anti-slippery feature, as well as to the fact that it maintains the temperature of the water for longer, it is definitely redefining what recreational bathing is all about.


What do users feel about the fantastic KOHLER Villager bathtub?

I know how important is to get in touch with the users, because, ultimately, they are the final judges. And only they can tell the difference between real quality and imitation. So, how are the users viewing this bathtub?

In this regard, we have both ups and downs to look through and the users reply is what helped me in realizing what those are.


  • It feels very comfortable for both adults and children
  • Thanks to the cast iron material, you can take longer baths, without the water getting colder too soon
  • The anti-slipping surface works great, saving you additional money you would spend on a bathtub mat
  • The price-quality ratio is excellent according to the majority of those who have purchased it
  • The appearance of solidity and sturdiness, giving the impression of quality and durability


  • Too shallow. Apparently, this has been a common issue for some of the buyers.
  • It is too heavy. Not too much of a downside, because it isn’t like you would change its position too often. But it is somewhat of a problem when transporting it to its location.


Frequent questions

Q: How heavy it is?

It weighs 343 pounds, which is quite heavy indeed.

Q: What is the country of origin?

It is made entirely in the USA.

Q: Why is it better than other bathtubs?

Because of the fact that it is more durable, more solid, more comfortable and cheaper than most.

Q: Is it single or double?

This piece is single.


 How would I rate it?

Well, let’s break down the essentials. This bathtub has an innovative anti-slipping feature, it is made of cast iron, it is easy to install and easy to clean and it comes with a simple, yet beautiful design.

Its only downsides are the fact that it seems to be too shallow for some, as well as the fact that some claimed to have liked it to be double. If I were to rate it, I would give it 4.7/5 stars. Just because I would have liked it to be large enough to accommodate couples.

So, if you want something for two, this might not be what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a single-designed piece, it will do the work perfectly.

This might just be your last bathtub purchase because it is made to last a lifetime and that is not something I say with ease.

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