Master Equipment: PolyPro Grooming Tub

When people think of the word “luxury”, they immediately think about notions like “redundant” and “expensive”. Not one of them ever includes the notion of “efficiency” among those categories. And that is obviously wrong because luxury comes with increased quality and efficiency.

This is the professional dog grooming tub available in the market. This is, in every way, the end-game tool for bathing, grooming and taking care of your pet. Compared to other types of pet tubs, this one is made to accommodate any breed, regardless of how large or heavy the specimen is. It is simply huge, with high margins, preventing the dog from falling over or jumping out.

The differences between PolyPro Grooming Tub and its competition are vast and we will list them all one by one.


Key Features

Keeping your dog clean and happy is no easy task. Sure, they usually settle for less, but you need to put on a lot of work if you want to keep them that way. Here we include good food, protect it against parasites, vaccinating and sterilizing it and, of course, bathing and grooming the animal.

And you need to step up with your game if you want to live up to the expectations. Here is how this grooming tub comes in handy:

  • Has one size and that is Huge. It can accommodate all dog breeds, no exception
  • It has adjustable legs, to allow you to make up for any uneven surface you might place the tub on
  • It has a shampoo bottle holder, which you will definitely use
  • Small dogs system included, with: a grooming arm, 2 grooming loops and a raised tub rack.
  • Removable door, for ease of access
  • Anti-slippery paw print inner design, keeping your dog safe from slippage
  • The construction material is polyethylene, extremely tough and durable, able to withstand shocks, rust and tarnish over time.


What people usually want to know

Q: Does it come in different colors?

A: Yes, you have three options to choose from: caramel white, purple and dark blue.

Q: It only has one shampoo holder?

A: No, it actually has four bottle holders, for whatever else you might need them for.

Q: What are the exact dimensions?

A: The outside dimensions are: 58 inches long, 31 inches wide and 36 inches high. The inside dimensions are: 50.25 inches long, 21.25 inches wide and 20 inches deep.

Q: How sturdy is it?

A: According to both the manufacturer and to those purchasing it, it is extremely sturdy and durable. It almost feels good enough for you to bathe in it if you choose to.

Q: Is this for pros only?

A: It is made with professional grooming in mind, but it is made for your everyday Joe, who just wants to keep his dog clean and happy.

Q: Is the price worth it?

A: Absolutely. We are talking about a lifelong investment and, combined with the immense benefits it comes with, the PolyPro Grooming Tub definitely makes up for its price.

I dare you to go look for something better out there on the market. I actually do. Because I am positive you won’t be able to find anything even remotely as effective as PolyPro Grooming Tub.

It has been manufactured with extreme care and proficiency and you can see that in every minute detail, starting with the accessories and ending with the material, the durability and the class A quality it delivers.


Final word

Quality matters. And luxury is more than just a phase or a caprice. Luxury is quality and efficiency and this is what defines the PolyPro Grooming Tub.

Bathing your dog is generally not that easy, but with the help of this tub, it definitely becomes that way. Again, this is a lifetime investment so, in my book, it is worth every penny. Never settle for less, when you have the chance to opt for greatness.

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