Mustee Utilatub Combo Utility Tub

Any dog’s hygiene is important and you probably already know that. And you also know that there is no way to clean your dog without the best dog baths. Now comes the hard part. Which is the best bathtub money can buy?

And we don’t mean the most expensive, but the most efficient one. This is how we end up with the Mustee Combo Utility Tub, which is one of the most effective ones to date. This piece has been bought by hundreds already.

But why is the Mustee Combo Utility Tub better than any other option? Let’s check it out.


Pros and Cons

This is what you need to check with every product you want to buy, no matter the category. What are the pros and what are the cons? Knowing what you can rely on can help you decide what the best piece is for both you and your dog.


Extremely solid and durable

This is a one-piece molded bathtub, made out of hardcore polypropylene, resistant to weight pressure and high point impact.

Professional material

The polypropylene is part of the overall material. In essence, the bathtub consists of thermoplastic resin, made out of fiberglass and stone. Aside from being incredibly durable, it is also mildew and stain proof.

Steel legs

This is an important addition. If you know someone who has a plastic legged pet bathtub, you know what I mean. In most cases, when a bathtub having plastic legs is placed on a slippery surface, it will fail. The legs will become spread apart too much that they may break or the entire bathtub could crumble to the floor. The Mustee Combo Utility Tub avoids those situations, because these heavy steel gauge legs won’t budge no matter what.

Faucet and spout

The faucet has a swivel joint and a 24 inch long spout for extra efficiency. No matter where in the tub your dog lies, you should have no problem using the spout.

Pretty large to begin with

Having 36 gallons, the Mustee Combo Utility Tub is large enough for any dog to fit. Almost any dog, with a few notable exceptions.

Leak proof drain

Not many pet bathtubs have a stopper included. Most will come with drainage hoses, which may or may not be welcomed. Because the Mustee Combo Utility Tub has a stopper, you can drain it anytime you want and you can set the water level as high as you need it to be.


Plastic faucet

Yes, the faucet is made out of plastic. It is not a problem in itself, it is just that some people get the feeling of low quality because of that. Obviously, that is not the case, because Mustee Combo Utility Tub ranks high on the users’ preferences, despite what minuses some may notice. Also, as a plus to this minus, you can change the faucet fairly ease if you choose to.

Could have been bigger

Like I previously said, the Mustee Combo Utility Tub is not universal, in the sense that it is not made for all dogs. Bigger breeds will probably fit inside too, but bathing them will become a bit more difficult than you might want it to. So, for extremely large animals, you might want to get something else.


How Do the Users Feel about Mustee Combo Utility Tub?

There are several things that pleased the majority of the users, including:

  • The adjustable legs. You can either remove them completely or adjust their height accordingly.
  • The material is solid
  • The design is simple, yet refreshing
  • The versatility of the spout
  • Extra stability and security thanks to the steel legs
  • Fits a lot of dog breeds, with very few exceptions
  • Light and easy to move
  • Comfortable and safe for your pet


Bottom Line

Yes, you can build a tub for dogs but you may find it difficult. You also have options to buy the luxurious one but it will costs your wallet. Hence, I say go for this one. This piece is a lot cheaper than other, more pretentious models and the benefits you will be getting from it are basically the same. This is a no-brainer.

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