Nature’s Head Composting Toilet: Close Quarters Spider Handle

This composting toilet from Nature’s Head is a self-contained, urine-diverting, and waterless composting toilet. It operates by separating urine and solids at the source which allows for ease of use in varied applications.

  • One of the greatest advantages of Natures’ Head composting toilet is that compost is taken away so you don’t have to deal with waste that’s not broken down. As a result, it requires no follow-up care so long as you manage it properly.
  • Its translucent liquid tank lets you easily inspect if the toilet is full
  • Urine diversion decreases the volume of feces to be composted by enabling the elimination of most liquids in the composting chamber. This also considerably reduces the odor in addition to facilitating the easier breakdown of solids.
  • Urine diversion also reduces the quantity of sawdust required
  • The separation of urine allows you to collect urine fertilizer which is rich in nitrogen
  • Energy-saving as no heater nor electricity is necessary



  • It requires the use of two collection chambers: one for urine and another for solids
  • It will take time to properly use the toilet. Additionally, first-time users are more likely to congest the urine diverter which can cause the toilet to malfunction


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you pee in Nature’s Head composting toilet?

A: Yes. You can pee in the toilet as the urine can be diverted out of it. However, you will need more sawdust to properly soak up the liquid.

Q: How do you clean it?

A: You only need to clean the self-contained unit (the bowl liner) similar to how you would clean a regular bowl, except for the use of compounds or detergents. It is recommended to use hot water that is mixed with baking soda or vinegar.

Q: Can you throw toilet paper into it?

A: Certainly. Toilet paper is a good source of carbon for the compost. The toilet will break down regular toilet paper as well as sensitive skin toilet paper in a short duration, although a single-ply tissue paper will certainly decompose faster.

Q: Apart from sawdust, what else can I use in my toilet?

A: Any fine, biological material can be used as an alternative to sawdust. These include rice husks, leaf duff, and even coffee grounds which you can obtain from coffee shops.


Final Verdict

Nature’s Head composting toilet is portable, odorless, and compact which makes it a perfect fit for your home, cabin, or workshop. Its all-stainless hardware and ease of disassembly set it apart from the other toilets available in the market.

Most of the liquids are discarded in the composting compartment, therefore substantively decreasing the odor it produces. It is the most reliable choice for a portable, urine separating composting toilet that will definitely give you the best value for your money.

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