Nature’s Head: Dry Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head composting toilet is one of the best selling compost unit for tiny houses. Although not flashy, the toilet is economical, user-friendly, functional, and dependable. It is the easiest way to transition from the flash toilet while enjoying the great performance in a confined space.

This self-contained unit also offers the best value compared to other competitive brands in the market. Here is why Nature’s Head is considered the best composting toilet for limited spaces.



The various features of Nature’s Head Composting toilet make it a perfect fit for personal sanitation. They are as follows:

Innovative Design

This system has an innovative design that is quite functional and dependable when compared to other portable toilet models in the market. Its reliable design ensures trouble-free use for its crank handle style. Its compact design also makes it great for a small home application.

We also love the fact that the toilet features a molded design and is constructed with robust polyethylene with stainless steel fittings. Also, it has the electrical hook-up that runs the exhaust fan in order to keep the bin odor-free. This unit is also waterless and self-contained as it comes with no holding tanks or pumps outs.

 Easy Installation

One of the features of this composting toilet is that it is easy to install. The installation requires a 5’ ventilation hose which is plumbed to the side of the unit. The fan which runs on a 12V power can be changed with an adapter to run on 110V power.

You will then need to bolt the unit to the floor to create the ventilation route.  Also, when doing the installation, it is vital that you leave enough space to allow easy tilting of the handle. Using the unit is very simple since you just need to fill the solid bin with the bulking material and plug it in.

 User-Friendly Design

This composting toilet is user-friendly as it comes with a hand cracker agitator in the base. Unlike the spider handle design, the crank handle is a bit easier and faster to turn. Therefore, it will be easier to mix the content of the solid waste after each deposit.

Additionally, using the hand crack helps mix the solid waste together with the peat moss. You can add two gallons of peat moss at the start.

 High Performance

Compared to other composting models in the market, Nature’s Head composting toilet comes with a great performance. The toilet is odorless, lightweight, and does not require water to operate. It also has a two waste bin system: one for liquid waste and the other for solid waste.

The composite bins are eco-friendly and can last for about 90 days without needing to be emptied. For fulltime use, it can accommodate 2 people and handle about 60-80 solid wastes. It can also accommodate 3 individuals for part-time use and go for months before it is due for emptying. However, the liquid container needs to be emptied regularly and comes with a handle for easy transportation.

 Value for Money

Nature’s Head composting toilet is manufactured using quality material. Its strong construction makes it highly durable and capable of withstanding harsh conditions. Besides, it is cheaper than other competitive brands and comes with a 5’ vent hose, bottle cap, and a vent to wall adapter.



  • Compact design for tiny spaces
  • Relatively low price compared to other composting toilets
  • Breaks down the solid waste to 10 percent of the original bulk
  • Assembles and disassembles easily without much hassle
  • Can hold about 90 uses before needing to clean out



  • Does not come with external vent
  • Need to empty liquid bottles more frequently
  • Solid waste requires more time to compost


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need to buy anything else for this toilet to work?

A: You only have to purchase a 12V battery if you are planning to run it through battery. If you are going to use electricity, you will need to buy a 12-volt wall transformer for running the fan. Lastly, you can purchase at least two gallons of sphagnum peat moss in order to form a compost.

Q: Can you use hardwood sawdust in place of peat moss or coco fiber?

A: Sawdust is not a good option since it is fine and too dense. Hence, it cannot be used as a bulking material.

Q: Does it smell bad?

A: This toilet is odorless since the urine and solids are separated. However, it’s important to properly maintain the unit to prevent any bad smell and help it retain its earthy smell. This includes ensuring that your head fan and vent are installed and functioning as required.


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a personal sanitation unit, Nature’s Head dry composting toilet is a great choice. With a sturdy design and quality material, this composting toilet is easy to use, safe, and eco-friendly. Unlike other flushing toilet models, this one is easier to use as well.

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