Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit

Taking a long, hot, and high-pressured shower after a long and tiring day surely is relaxing. However, as water pressure is the main concern when taking showers especially on an RV, it can be hard to find the right shower head.

Fortunately, the Oxygenics RV shower kit can give you everything you could ever need in a showerhead. Hence, it’s no longer surprising why it’s considered as one of the top RV shower heads in the market.



Easy to Use

The RV shower kit is fairly easy to use. It’s a one-setting handheld model which comes with an integrated valve and a shower hose. If you have a long hair, it can significantly reduce shower time through its unique spray pattern.

The kit also comes with Patented Oxygenic technology which helps amplify water pressure as well as widen the coverage and minimize water use. The internal parts of the kit are non-stick to prevent clogging and rust. It consists of a handheld showerhead, SmartPause valve, 60” hose, a wall mount holder for hanging the shower head, and a plumber’s tape.

Smooth Look and Performance

It’s not just fun having water from the RV shower running over you, but also when holding the shower head. It is comfortable in your hand, and you will want to stay a little bit longer. The kit is also beautifully designed and completes your bathroom look perfectly.

You can show off your RV shower to your friends, allow them to use your bathroom, and let them enjoy the benefits it offers.

Lightweight Design

The whole kit only weighs 1.44 pounds, and you can expect the shower head to be just about one pound. That’s quite light, and you could hold it for the entire duration of your shower.  It’s undoubtedly one of the lightest RV shower kits there is. You won’t have to worry about your kids placing the shower head on the wall mount holder, and no one will have to exert too much just to lift a heavy shower head.


You probably had a tiresome day, or you are going to have a busy one. At least you need to have some comfort in your RV, and that extends to your bathroom. With this shower head, you can be assured that your stay at the shower will make you forget your worries a little.

You can control the water running over your body, thanks to its Patented Oxygenics technology that, as mentioned above, allows you to control water pressure as well as widen coverage. There is also the SmartPause valve which can limit the water pressure and allow you to soap first.


You would want to have an RV shower that lasts. The plastic ones aren’t that much durable. Based on feedback from people who have used the Oxygenics shower kit, you won’t have to worry about going back to the store to buy another RV shower head in a long while after owning this, unless you are going to buy for a friend.  The Oxygenics shower head is certainly going to serve you for a long time.

Convenient Non-stick Parts

You might be aware of what hard water can do to metals. You wouldn’t imagine the frustration of finding out that your RV shower head has been clogged by some mineral buildup. The makers of the Oxygenics RV shower kit had that in mind when creating this fantastic product.

The internal parts of the RV shower parts are creatively designed to prevent mineral buildup and clogging. You don’t have to worry about your RV shower head suffering from clogging and making your showering experience a pain.



  • Helps you conserve water
  • Offers warranty against clogging/failure
  • Highly popular among RV enthusiasts
  • WaterSense certified



  • Only comes with a single setting
  • Valve leaks when turned off
  • Quite noisy when in use


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use it in my home shower as well?

A: If you live in a house with relatively low water pressure, you can use this RV shower head to enjoy its benefits. You can buy a separate attachment to mount the shower head like you would with a normal shower.

Q: What accompanies the shower head?

A: The shower kit includes a swiveling head wall mount, a 60” hose, a plumber’s tape, and the SmartPause valve.


Final Verdict

If you’re an RV camper who knows the value of fantastic shower time and wants a comfortable, durable, and convenient RV shower head, then the Oxygenics shower kit is for you.

This product comes with a warranty which you can request from their customer service. Without any doubt, this is one of the best RV shower heads in the market when it comes to its quality, price, and overall performance.

Do you have any questions with regards to the Oxygenics shower kit? If so, kindly leave your comments below.

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