Simple Deluxe Anti-Bacterial Slip-Resistant Bath Mat

Most people do not realize the importance and efficiency of the best bathtub mats. Such a piece is a must-have if your goal is to transform bathing and showering into a safer and more comfortable experience. Simple Deluxe Bath Mat ranks among the most effective bath mats in this regard.

I know a lot of people wonder what is it that makes a bath mat to be superior to another. I mean, we have a piece of material, be it plastic or natural rubber, whose main goal is to prevent slipping.


Pros and Cons

Not only I will present you with the pros, but we will also have a look at the cons. We can’t have the bigger picture without including the downsides. This being said, let’s have a look at the things that define this bath mat in a good way.

The pros

The increase in size

Most of the bath mats you might buy are relatively short. This means you cannot efficiently use them in any bathtub, without feeling a certain discomfort caused by the small size.

Simple Deluxe Mat, however, fixes that issue, because, being 39” x 16”, it is 30% longer than most of the bath mats on the market. This will provide more coverage and you won’t have to worry about stepping aside it and risk slipping.

Universal high-quality material

This bath mat is made of allergen-free vinyl and the material is resistant to rupture, while also providing a rock solid grip on any type of bathtubs. This is where the “universal” part comes in. It doesn’t matter what type of bathtub surface we are talking about, the Simple Deluxe Mat will cope with it with equal efficiency.

Anti-Bacterial protection

This mat is bacterial-proof. It is due to its efficient design, preventing the accumulation of residual water, as well as to the fabric, which has been proven to inhibit bacterial growth.

High-quality design

Not only that it looks pretty, but it is also extremely comfortable and user-friendly. It provides a smooth and soft surface that will fondle your feet like you have never experienced before. It isn’t just a collection of big words; it is actually what a lot of the users have observed.

Automatic washing

This bath mat is machine washable, saving you a lot of time and efforts. Sure, it is a pretty common feature, because almost all bath mats are machine washable. But this just adds up to the overall feeling of good and solid design.

The cons

Limited usage options

It is quite unfortunate that this bath mat is only meant to be used on smooth surfaces. If you are planning to purchase this piece and you have a textured bathtub surface, don’t even bother, because it will not stick to it. This means you will lose grip and the mat simply won’t stick.

This is, actually, not a design flaw, but the way the product has been created and this information is being provided by the manufacturer itself. So, if you are looking for mats to cope with textured surfaces, this one is not for you. But aside from that, it will perform perfectly on any smooth surface, regardless of the material of the bathtub.


What do the users say?

I have compiled a list of everything that the users had to say about Simple Deluxe Bath Mat.

  • The looks are great. This blue piece enlightens and brightens the bathroom and this feature has pleased a lot of users, it seems.
  • Easy to dry. Most people don’t even use the washing machine. They just hang the mat on the side of the bathtub and it will dry out extremely fast.
  • Easy to detach. Some mats have this problem of sticking too hard on the surface of the tub. This is not a problem in and of itself, but it can become a problem when the suction cups begin to break because of that. Simple Deluxe Mat, however, has a very strong grip, without exaggerating and users have reported that it comes out with extreme ease.
  • Mold resistant. Let’s throw that out there – there are no bath mats that you can call mold proof. If you neglect them long enough, mold will definitely become a problem, especially around the suction cups. However, this bath mat is highly resistant to it and even if mold will still make its appearance, it will take a long way before that happens.
  • The smell is not a problem. This goes into both the bad and the good category. The large majority of the users have reported no distinct smells. A very small portion has, however, reported some unpleasant plastic aromas.

FAQ Section

Q: Is it long enough?

This mat is large enough to cover your bathtub almost completely. More than sufficient.

Q: How’s the grip?

The grip is pristine. Some users have only had problems when using it on textured surfaces, but this piece is not meant for textured surfaces.

Q: Is it comfortable?

According to both the manufacturer and the users, Simple Deluxe Mat is highly user-friendly and it provides a comforting and relaxing feel.

Q: What is the overall feel?

Definitely an A class bath mat. A must have for anyone with a bathtub.


Final Verdict

A bath mat actually comes with a lot of benefits and there is an objective system by which you can compare one another.

Some bath mats are indeed better than others and, in the above review, I have explained what makes this one better than the one you already have, if you have any.

Okay. You’ve read it, now you know your next move.

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