Toilets Around the World – Different Types & Styles

If you ask most Western, civilized people, about the diversity of toilets, they will consider you crazy. What can be so diverse about a toilet? And they would surely be wrong because toilets have evolved in a lot of ways over the course of history. Depending on the geographical positioning, historical time frame or the cultural setting, toilets can deliver a vast array of differences.

Some are more modern, others more classic, old-style built. But if we are to identify one thing that describes them all, that would be diversity. So, today we are going to talk about the most diverse toilet types around the world, just so you can have a grasp of the wonders of technology and scientific advancements.


Types of Toilets

That being said, here are the main types of toilets you should know about:

1. 2-piece toilets

These are part of the most common type of modern toilets, where the entire ensemble consists of 2 pieces: the toilet bowl and the tank. They basically represent the norm in the Western and European societies, as well as throughout Asia and anywhere else where scientific advancements are protruding enough.

And even with 2-piece toilets, you get a lot of diversity within this category, especially in terms of design.

2. One-piece

The tank is now eliminated. Instead of being linked to a tank, the fill valve now connects to the water system directly, allowing for more comfort and efficiency. As a result, the piece will occupy less space and space is always something we are craving for in our modern day bathrooms.

All you have to do now is press the button whenever you need to flush and not worry about the tank not filling completely, for various reasons.

3. Dual-flush pieces

These are becoming more and more popular as time passes. Dual-flush toilets usually come with a foot pedal you can press even during the time you are using the toilet. And, depending on how harder you are pushing, it will deliver either a partial or a total flush. One of the main benefits is the water saving mechanism, which can seriously cut your water bill at the end of the month.

Dual-flush toilets are becoming more popular not only thanks to the increased efficiency and adaptability, but also thanks to the comfort they deliver.

4. Floor Mounted or Wall Mounted

The floor mounted type characterizes most household toilets, whereas the wall mounted ones are more popular among restaurants, hotels and so on. However, you can purchase any type you like, depending on the preferences. Not only will they come with different specifics, but the effect on the bathroom’s design will be different in each case as well.

5. The squatting pan

This one is more often designed for kids, but it obviously lacks the comfort and the technical ingenuity a more modern piece will deliver. Although it is relatively easier to use, it is overall less comfortable and less hygienic than the more advanced alternatives.

If you want a kids’ toilet, there are far better options for you out there. For instance, one that has a toilet seat for toddler, which provides comfort, support, security and ease of access. Although the squatting pan is a poorer option, it exists, so I had to mention it.

6. Bidets

These are part of the more modern wave of toilet options, most prevalent in the Western, European and urbanized Asian societies. Bidets eliminate the need for toilet paper since they are connected directly to the sink’s drain. As a result, the drain hose will deliver a flux of water that will clean your important parts whenever you are done using the toilet.

It is a nice touch to such an innovative bathroom tool, so you might want to check the vast array of best bidet toilet seats available for purchase today.

7. RV toilets

People nowadays love to be mobile. They want to move with friends and family because there is no fun in moving solitary. They want to pass the quality time in the jungle, hit the road for more fun, do camping or visit the seashore. And if you want to take friends and family you need an RV. This gives rise to modern RV portable toilets that can be installed in your vehicle to make your trips more comfortable.

8. Smart toilets

We had to end our top with the best of the best. Smart toilets are the most recent pieces to have hit the market nowadays and it is no doubt that they are growing more popular by the day. These products usually come with an electronic display, monitoring the surroundings, as well as the processes taking place when the toilet is being used.

And you will definitely appreciate the sensors controlling the type of the flush, the water and the seat temperature and the database allowing you to save your preferences.


Final Verdict

As you may have guessed already, there are plenty of other toilet models out there, classified based on numerous attributes. All you need is to simply go through the options and make the best choice, according to your preferences.

As you can clearly see, diversity is not an issue here.

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