TOTO CST744SG Drake Toilet

A toilet has to come with several crucial features, including durability, performance and innovation, for us to declare it worthy of purchasing. Pieces like TOTO CST744SG#01 are taking over the market and for good reasons. Everything stands out, from the way it looks to its impeccable quality and outstanding efficiency.

It is so rare to find a product that meets all expectations. Is this piece the one you have been looking for? Let’s break that down, shall we?


What are the wow-factors?

All in all, there are several crucial differences between this piece and your classic, outdated toilet you definitely need to upgrade. This best flushing toilet includes:

1. Increased performance

Instead of your regular 2-inch fill valve, this one comes with a 3-inch piece. This will automatically ensure a water pressure of up to 125% higher, delivering top efficiency with every flush.

It is this increased efficiency that makes up for one state-of-the-art, top quality piece that cannot be matched by any other.

2. The G-Max flushing system

Designed to be the pinnacle of efficiency, the G-Max system definitely succeeds in boosting performance to another level. If you have never experienced a powerful, intense flush, while keeping the noise level lower than any other toilet, this is your chance.

3. The awesome construction

The materials used in its construction and the manufacturing technique ensure the toilet’s durability, strength and overall quality. This one is made to last for years to come and it shows.

Why should you struggle with repairing or even replacing your toilet altogether, when this piece solves everything right from the factory?

4. The SanaGloss Cleaning System

This system is elaborated to thoroughly cleanse and sanitize the toilet bowl. It will basically help you maintain a more hygienic environment, without the weekly efforts of disinfecting the toilet bowl on your own. Instead, the SanaGloss system has been designed to make it all automatic.

From this day forward, no more bacteria crowding the toilet bowl and endangering your health. It will remain cleaner and safer for the entire family to use.

5. Pristine design

What would a modern toilet be without the striking looks of a polished piece? Whether you are looking to buy it for its functionality alone, or you want it to fit the interior design of your bathroom as well, TOTO CST744SG#01 is just what you need.

And the finishes make everything look 3 times better. If there is a toilet that would look as clear as new years after purchasing it, this is the one.


The pros

Compared to other products of the same category, this one definitely stands out from the crowd. But, for an objective view on the actual pros and cons that other users have noticed, here are the essentials:


  • Universal height – It can be used by the entire family, children included. Unlike other models of toilets, that can and will cause problems in this regard. At 14.6 inches, this piece is not too short, not too tall it is actually the best standard height toilet.
  • Extra comfort – The elongated bowl with smooth margins is designed to accommodate the human body entirely. This will deliver a level of comfort unmatched by any product in the same category.
  • 100% Master-crafted – Its construction tells a compelling story about the toilet’s durability and reliability. It is built to last for years and it could very well be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.
  • Advantageous pricing – Comparing the price with the benefits you will be getting, this deal is a steal. You cannot find any other product that will display a more advantageous and striking gap between the price and the benefits-to-come.
  • Looks close to perfect – The modern feel added to a classic piece of a bathroom can do wonders sometimes. And it certainly does in this case. Shortly put, this toilet fits perfectly into any type of bathroom setting, regardless of your personal style.


Should you or should you not?

Like I’ve said before, this one is practically a steal. Everything signals “Buy me”, from its looks to its comfort, its increased performance and the rest of the features coming along with it.

Overall, nothing matters more than efficiency and finding an affordable, high-tech toilet today, that it’s built with quality in mind, is not something you see every day.

You cannot afford to miss this one.

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