TOTO CST744SL Drake 2 Piece Ada Toilet

Take performance to a different level.

Redefining and upgrading performance is not an easy task. And when we are talking about modern toilets, the difficulty will be even more drastic. Whether you like it or not, there will be a time when you will need to upgrade your toilet. It happens to the best of us.

And when that time comes, you need to make sure you get your money’s worth. If excellence is needed, then the 2-piece TOTO CST744SL will be the one to deliver it. There are few other pieces that manage to combine the same mix of outstanding design, efficiency and innovation.

But what makes this product such a hit and why does it rank so high on any must-have lists regarding toilets? We will find out just that in the following section.


The top features

Unlike other modern flushing toilets hitting the spotlight today, this one does several things way better in terms of quality and efficiency. Here is what I mean by that:

1. High performance, low water consumption

It all comes from the G-Max flushing system that has been designed specifically to deliver the maximum effects with the minimum of fallout. While delivering an impressive power to each flush, G-Max also manages to reduce water consumption and noise.

And how many toilets do you know to achieve the same things at once? If you know at least one that can do that, you are among the lucky ones, because they are so rare to begin with.

2. Superb 2-piece design

This toilet is beautiful. There is no other way to put it. Everything is pristine, from its overall design to even the slightest and most subtle finishes that give it that unmistakable aura of a modern style. The chrome lever adds to the overall classy feel and the smoothness of the water tank completes the majestic picture in great style.

It is a combination of roughness and solidity and the subtle touches of the beautiful, ravishing looks. And this formula alone is enough to take your breath and your money away.

3. Durability and strength

I cannot stress enough the importance of the material a toilet is made out of. This will ensure its solidity and its durability over the years. Not only that, but it will also ensure its performance in the long run, because a toilet that never breaks is a quality one.

That being said, TOTO is made out of vitreous China and its strength and resilience are unmatched in the world of toilets. Two qualities you definitely need for your toilet.

4. Top comfort

This is a must for any modern toilet. If you don’t feel good while on it, it is not worth it. Fortunately, this piece is among the few toilets that manage to deliver top comfort with minimum effort. It is all built into it. The elongated, smooth bowl along with its optimal height define comfort in the most compelling manner.

And it is this level of comfort that will make you truly feel like royalty in your own bathroom.

5. Multiple color choices

Looks are just as important as functionality. People often buy a lot of things based on looks alone, so why not toilets. This product has 5 different color options, enough to satisfy all tastes. From Bone to Ebony to Sedona Beige, this toilet feels luxurious and exotic.

And what can be better than a highly functional, high-performance toilet that also enriches your bathroom effortlessly at the same time?


The pros

You can’t review a household product without passing it through the user quality test. So, what are the good or bad (if any) side of this piece? Let’s see.

  • Very solid looking – It is all thanks to the material and the manufacturing technique. This toilet looks and feels solid, just like a premium high-grade toilet should feel.
  • A variety of colors – Not all toilets come in multiple colors, which is why users will appreciate one that does. Having several colors available means that you can make it fit within a variety of settings and decors.
  • Comfortable – One other feature without which we cannot define quality in the world of toilets. A quality piece needs to deliver specific features and comfort is high on the list.
  • Its performance – The G-Max system is unmatched in terms of efficiency and performance. Delivering power while maintaining the noise level within optimal parameters is a feature that never grows old.


So what’s the verdict?

Like I’ve said before, there are several characteristics a toilet needs to hold in order to rank among the best on the market. And these are quite difficult to achieve to start with. It is for this reason that TOTO CST744SL is so appreciated among the users. Its class and indisputable performance help it outshine most of the products in the same category.

For a mix of design, efficiency and innovation, look no further, for you have just hit the jackpot.

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